prayer to save our relationship

by Ba (India)

Almighty Father, have mercy on us.

Be with us through all the hardships,
give my partner the strength to face all the problems he is encountering in his life,
give me the strength to be his support.

I pray to you to give us the courage to tackle the problems in our lives,
our lives are totally messed up.
I pray to you that my partner will love me till eternity and will never leave my side.
I pray to you to resolve all our confusions and conflicts going on in our lives.

May our love suffice all the difficult problems,even the deadliest situations.
Lord our God forgive us for committing all the sins of adultery
and may you bestow your blessings on our love.
Forgive me Heavenly Father for the lies I have told my partner,
save our True Love.

I raise to you this prayer with a hurting,mind body and soul
Please Jesus be with us,be our guide,be our strength,be our support
thanks to the Almighty Father