Prayer to save our marriage

by Anthony (Ormskirk, England)

Dear St Jude,

Please help us and intercede to save our marriage. We’ve been married for 16 years and have two wonderful children. I’ve not always shown my wife as much love and attention as I should and do behave selfishly on occasions. However, I do love my wife and family and want my marriage to work. I want us to share in each others lives and to support and love each other.

I pray to St Jude for his intercession with God that we may bring about the necessary changes to make our marriage work without separation or making things worse that they currently are. Please help my wife to love me as she once did and help our love to grow tronger than it ever was. Our marriage is a blessing and I want us both to stand by our marraige vows and not destroy what could be so special again.

Please dear St June, patron Saint of hopeless causes, intercede for us and help our marriage to work. Please also help my wife to love our new house as she says she doesn’t like it.

Please pray for us and strengthen our faith always.

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