Prayer to save our marriage

Dear St. Jude, please pray for my marriage, I want to save and restore my marriage. My husband left me for almost a year now and he is cheating on me. Please help him to close his heart to that woman, that he will no longer has any feelings for her and totally forget about her.

Please help to make that woman leaves my husband and doesn’t disturb him anymore. Pray also to any woman who’s trying to wreck our marriage to stay away from him. Pray that his love and attention is only for me and our daughter. Please open his heart and mind, soften his stubborn heart so that he loves and cares for me.

Please bring my husband back to me and make him moves in to our house, so that we can live a long and beautiful life together and raise our daughter together as a family. I pray that he’ll realize his mistakes and help him to be loyal, faithful, honest, loving, caring, responsible and respects me as his wife.

Please pray that he can overcome his drinking problem, that he’ll stop drinking and quit smoking. Pray that, I’ll be a good, loving, caring and considerate wife and mum. Give me a strong heart and clear mind, for this pain is so unbearable.

St. Jude please hear and answer my prayer for i have no where to turn. Amen

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  1. marriage has broken

    i am in the same boat as everyone here i took my marriage for granted i cheated on my wife many times dear god i am deeply sorry for my wrong doings plz forgive me
    i have 2 wonderful kids that i miss alot i am separated from my wife 4 months now i miss her so much i cry everyday she would not take my call nor replay to any of my texts
    this time apart have shown me and teach me all that i did wrong in my married life i am truly sorry for all my action plz pray for me

    i love my wife she means the world to me
    pray for me saint jude

  2. prayer

    please ST.Jude,i ask for my marriage to be saved, been away from my wife and kids is really hurting and missing them so much,please find away for all this to come good,and let us rebuild or marriage our family and our love for each other,i have changed my ways and with Our GODS help and your help i am praying that we can over come all this that has happened, please ST. Jude please pray and ask my request be granted, thank you from the bottom of my heart ST. JUDE.

  3. same situation

    I am going through the same situation right. I have been separated from my ex wife for 10 months almost,and the pain is still there,we have two sons together. I pray every day and night to God, that he can reunite us. I know she is talking to a married man right now. I have been faithful to her since our seperation. We are on speaking terms,but sometimes she’ll stop talking to me completely,and it hurts so much. Please St. Jude I beg that you will here mine and everyone else’s prayers that are going through the same ordeal as I am. I have been unfaithful myself when we were married, I regret that every day since. Please here my prayer.

  4. prayer for our marriage

    Dear St.Jude,
    My husband and I are having problem.he already gave up with our marriage and he said he doesnt loved me anymore. please enlighten his heart and mind.bring back his love and affection to me.we have5 kids to take care of.make him realised the importance of a complete family.blessed us and guide him.may he resists temptation.all i ask in jesus name through you st. Jude.

  5. Pray

    I will add you, your husband and your daughter to my prayers. I hope everything works out for you and your family. Remember that God has a plan for all of us.

  6. save marrage

    I was prayin to st jude for help but my pain is small and prob selfish when i read about cheating husband …. I experienced same many years ago ..i prayed nite and day begging god to have my husband bsck prayers were unanswered but in time i understood why ….i will offer my prayers now for you thst you will find peace of mind at comford x

  7. did this prayer work?

    did this prayer work ive been praying for my wife to come back and she hasnt yet shes still cheating on me…..

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