Prayer to Save our Marriage and Soften My Husband’s Heart

Dear God,

I am asking for something only you can do, please heal my marriage, please soften my husband’s heart. Please make him open to counseling because I know that we are joined for life. I have one more request please heal the marriage of the woman he is involved with, allow her to see that her daughter and husband need her to work on her marriage.

Simply throwing away one for the next is not what you could ever want. Please command satan to release my husbands heart from the grasps of his sins. I know that you are all loving and I put my trust in you that this dark dark time will lead to a time of beautiful light. I ask for peace to my soul and the ability to totally forgive.

Give me strength, God to weather this storm and to stay strong in my faith and my beliefs for the sake of my beautiful daughters. I ask this thru your name. Amen.

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