Prayer to Save Our Family

by David N (Pella, Iowa)

Dear Lord – Please help me save our family. Jill is my soulmate and best friend. We are parents to a beautiful loving daughter. Lord, my selfishness has brought us here. I have been selfish with my own thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This has caused my wife to turn away.

I have said things that are uncaring and unloving causing her to harden her heart. Lord I pray that you mold me into the man that can one day treasue and protect that heart. I pray that you can restore the deep love and respect that we once had for eachother.

I pray that you will intercede and by your grace, soften her heart so that she one day allows me to hold it again.

Lord I pray for guidance, humility, wisdom, and your grace to be trusted with the woman I love.


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