Prayer to Save our companies income and all of our jobs

by Clare (KL,Malaysia)

Dear St Joseph I beg you to save our company C and T.

Help us to keep all of our jobs.Please make sure income pours in and our big office family sticks together in this tough times.

I pray that you take away those negative thoughts in our mind right now and help all of us to focus in creating income and bring joy into our lives.Help each of our staffs to feed and protect their family with this income, for each of us are depending in your mercy to give us permanancy in our jobs and welfare.

Most of all St.Joseph, keep my office together and see to it that my love and I will be together and united as one during this tough time.Please make sure my love does not loose hope but continues to work harder in finding more income for our office.

For many of our employees do depend on my love to do his job properly and successfully and provide our company income.Loving St.Joseph, help our office to labour and earn our living.Save our office and our jobs.I ask this in the name of St.Joseph patron saint for workers, Amen.

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