Prayer to save my relationship and reconcile me to my partner

by Ben (Botswana)

Lord God,I seek your grace to save my relationship. Lord, the relationship is finished because she ended it 2 months ago, after I hurt and pushed her away. My God the fact is that I have been a reluctant lover for 6 years. Meanwhile I had not realized my love for her had so much grown. She made mistakes and I used those to control her. Lord, I have been most wicked.

In my pride, I failed to stop the hurt. She humbled herself to me. She was and is still gracious and wonderful person. No,Lord I refused to see all this – determined that the relationship should stop. We started to go church, separate places. I prayed hard to seek God’s help – and I believe she did that too. For her it was to save, for me it was to end the relationship.

She eventually gave in, approached me and asked us to end the relationship. But that was at the time I was beginning to warm up to her, especially thinking about marriage and relationship, whether with her or anyone.

In her leaving I continued to pray, but answers that bounced back to me in my prayer pointed to the realization that I loved her and completely attached to her.

Lord, I retraced my steps back to her, admitted my foolishness. I found her completely empty of love for me. She had suffered enough.

Now I have no right to act or feel this way, but I have made it my total conviction to reconcile. I am fully devout, cleansed of worthless anger, and completely in love – the love which I have never experienced or expressed to her before.

I am fully repentant. We are at a stage where I am pleading with her to re-consider and re-kindle. It wont be instant because she had in every aspect moved on. I am meeting her today for further talks; she is adamant it wont work. I am persistent, humbled and without pride yet, but completely admitting to my own faults, seeking to save the relationship.

I seek God’s help on this – I want to marry her. I am fully focused, resolved to save the relationship – because today the premise for the relationship would be pure love (I know largely on my part).

God help me. I have complete faith in you.