Prayer to save my niece Life

by Malathi (Chennai)

Please god save my niece as she is suffering from fever and stomach pain for the past 20 days. Doctors are also not able diagonise what is the reason for her fever.

I request you GOD THE ALMIGHTY- THE ONLY HEALER to hel my child. She shlould not get fever anymore and should eat properly and get well soon. Since doctor’s said if the fever prolonged for another 2 days they would suggest for a bone marrow test. Already my child is lots of pain god Please help her cure without all these test.

I beg you to help us and make her alright very soon. I have promised god that I will become a true believer when my Keethi gets well. This is my promise. God please be with the child she should not get fever anymore all the infections and other things that is disturbing her health should run away from her and she should come back safely to us. Please God Save my keerthi