prayer to save my marriage

Almighty God, i ask you to hear this marriage prayer. My husband and I been separated 3 months. Part was his fault, and part was mine. I choose to walk away because of the problems that were occurring in our marriage. I didn’t think hard enough and walked away without seeking martial counseling or working it out.

I learned from what I did, and know realize it was wrong and I do not believe in divorce and believe marriages should never give up and stay together for better or worse. I love my husband and do not want a divorce.

He has blocked me out of his life and I can’t see him or talk to him. He refuses to work it out after being together 9 years of our lives. Please lord, make him realize I love him and learned from my mistakes and fully appreciate our love and no one can ever replace him. I know believe divorce is sin, and prayer lord that he will forgive me.

I ask you to guide him back into my life, and give us the strength to have a marriage stronger than it ever was and seek for your blessing that you allow us to restore our marriage and find peace and allow ud to be together till death do us part. I am suffering bad. And lord i ask you to hear my prayer. Amen