Prayer to Save my Marriage

by Shirmay (Turks & Caicos Islands)

Heavenly Father I bring my marriage before you, my husband has walked out of our marriage, he said that he is not happy anymore and I should move on with my life. Lord I put him to you right now, open his heart so that he can receive your holy spirit and know that what he is doing is wrong in your sight.

Father take away the bitterness and hatred he has in his heart towards me and restore it with your everlasting love. Father I believe that you will raise this broken marriage because you created marriage to be forever and not to be broken, so today, right now visit my husband wherever he is and speak to him, bring him to repentance in Jesus Name. Lord I pray that you will return my husband to me in the name of Jesus, I pray that you will rebuild what has been broken down and make it stronger than before.

My husband needs you Lord, his mind is confuse and he feels that been apart is the best thing for the both of us but God today let him know that he is wrong and the best thing for us is to be together trusting and depending on you to carry us through.

Lord the devil is out to attack marriages and he has entered the mind of my husband. Today I decree and declare that you stop his works immediately, I decree and declare that you take my husband away from the hands of the enemy and return him home. Lord I love my husband and I thank you for him, so please hear my prayers and attend to them in the name of Jesus Christ my Savior, Amen.

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