Prayer to save my marriage

by Sandy ()

I am writing this prayer request asking all that will pray for my husband and I to reunite in faith and in love to restore our marriage. We have been married for 23 years and have one son. My husband has been going through some difficult mental times with his midlife crisis and has been involved in an adulterous relationship with a girl 30 years younger. This has been one of the most stressful hurtful times I’ve had to endure. I know what he is doing is wrong and not of God’s will for our marriage. My heart became hardened as I found no other recourse but to leave our home and file for divorce. But as some time has passed I’ve prayed for God’s help and have realized that my husband and I are one. That we are meant to be united. I realize that spritual warfare is what has been brought upon us with this deceitful adulterous situation as this young girl is a very willing and pushy participant in the adultery. I know my husband is led by fear, confusion, discontent, and false appearance of fun and comfort in this adulterous situation that has created a sense of escape. I pray every day for him, I and our son and to restore our beautiful marriage and family we had.

I have decided to cancel my divorce proceedings and he has also but he does remain seeing this girl. I pray that day by day we see a new miracle brought forth to save our marriage. I love my husband immensely and I know he loves me but is lost and not of strong mind yet. I have prayed that God hears my prayers , strengthens our commitment to each other and makes us stronger and happier than ever. I pray the Blood of Christ to cover my husband , our son and I in such a way that no evil spirit can touch us or hurt our bond ever again and that this girl be pushed out of our lives and that no other person be able to infiltrate our marriage again. I pray for the blessings of God, of our Lord Jesus Christ and the guidance of The Holy Spirit be upon us to make us the family God wishes us to be. Amen

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