Prayer to save my marriage

by Sandy ()

Dear God, I have all faith and trust in you to restore and save our marriage. I ask that you bless my husband and I with love and forgiveness towards each other so that we may fall deeper in love than before.

I pray that you send your angels upon us to look over us and be your guardians against anyone that looks to destroy our marriage. I pray that you shield our marriage against evil influence and push away anyone trying to break our marriage. I ask that in Jesus name we be blessed with a new love for each other that will be pleasing to you oh Lord and that will bind my husband and I closer than ever before.

I ask this in your name. Amen.

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  1. I am praying for you

    I am also praying for God to save my marriage and make us strong. I promise to pray for you and your husband. Please do the same for me. I do believe in the power of prayer. For God nothing is impossible.

  2. marriage

    I am praying for your marriage. Mine is in separation right now. what i wouldn’t give to take back hurtful things i said and to be happier when i chose not to be. May you find the strength to fight for your marriage always. don’t be stubborn , take a deep breath and remember the good. please pray for me, we are separated and i dont know where we stand. He will not reach out to me . i have tried but he wants time.
    May you find the right thing to say at the right time and some times its just sitting there by their side. God loves marriage and i know you love yours also. i will be praying for YOU

  3. Faith

    Good morning Sandy
    My prayers are with you and your husband
    This morning please go to church each Sunday
    Even if by yourself do not push your husband
    To go just lead by example
    I have gone to church with my wife after
    An argument on Saturday we did not talk
    To each other on way to church but
    After everything was good invariably
    Something is said at church etc by priest
    That seems to pertain to us
    I am married 35 years not been easy
    Started going to church by my self years ago
    Then wife went with me We go even if the days
    Before we are mad at each other

  4. To Tampa FL

    Thank you for keeping me in your prayers. I desperately need them. This has been the most difficult time in my life. I never even imagined being in this position after being married so long. But his midlife crisis hit and so many things came to light. I really pull strength from prayer as I can admit I have had some very low moments of despair. Adultery really makes me feel helpless and as if I’m fighting many evil spirits. I know God despises Divorce so I pray for honor and reconciliation in this situation. It’s really difficult to stand by and know that my husband is still involved with this girl.

  5. My response to Maria.

    Maria, thank you for your comments and prayers. You are in my prayers now too. We have to be strong in our faith that in Gods time Ge will heal and restore our marriages. We have to continue to pray for strength, peace and guidance at this time. Amen

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