Prayer to save my marriage

by Molly ()

Dear Lord, St. Anne, St. Jude, Holy Mary Mother of God and all the angels and saints, I lay this request at your feet, please speak to Jesus for me.

Please soften my Husband, Nates heart and soul. Help him to remeber the love, faith, and compatibility we once shared and help him to realize we can have that again. That no marriage is prefect and it does take work. Help him to want to realize the divorce he wants is not the answer and that God does not want us to be apart. Help him to realize the damage a divorce would do to our three daughters and their relationship with their parents and the Lord. Please restore the love, faith, compatability, desire, passion, and honor in both of us and be with us in our marriage. Please dear Lord don’t let him leave. Help hhim to stay and work through this…helping each other all the way. Please help him to see that the attraction he feels for another women is the devils work and merely a temptation provided by the devil to make Nate falter. Help him to realize that he and our marriage is stronger than that.

Lord, I pray with all my heart. Please bring him back to me.


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