Prayer to Save My Marriage from a Divorce

by Grant (Colorado)

Lord, please save my marriage from divorce. Lord I am scared that she is going to marry this other man she has been seeing for almost a year now. I not only made a vow to my wife God but to you as well. Please Lord, touch my wifes heart and speak to her and save her.

She is so blinded by her sin that she cant see that the bridge is out. Lord please, help me with my struggles. I cant save this marriage only you can God. Please pray for Ali and I. Lord, I am here for the long haul but I can’t do that if she marries this man she has been seeing.

I ask Lord that before this divorce is finalized in about a month, that she would see you and repent of her ways and come to know you Lord. I want to be the husband that loves his wife like Jesus loves the church. Please Lord, Amen

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  1. Pray for Faith to Stand firm for your marriage.

    Dear Lord I pray that you will touch this situation with your love and mercy and grace. May the forces of the enemy who have blinded the eyes of the one seeking divorce be bound in Jesus name. I thank you Lord that you promise that you encamp round us and I ask that you would do the same for the asker and the one needing saving from the fall. Bring a renewed sense of your presence to the one who prays for his beloved wife as well as to her. I know that you are always with us even in such trials give a sense of peace and trust.. Help his love for his wife to grow supernaturally, as you love us Lord. Please bring Godly people into his estranged wife’s life to minister your truth. May she start to doubt the wisdom of divorce and remarriage. May she see what the future truly holds if she persists in this sin. Amen.

    IF you are standing for your biblical marriage here is a good link to check out for spiritual encouragement. Rejoice Marriage Ministries. It is a big help to me.

  2. O Lord, I 'm so scared. Please help me Jesus, to stop our divorce and give us reconciliation

    Tha my wife DeLynn has a softening of her heart and wants to stop this divorce and have reconciliation in our marriage of 28 years. That God will turn me into the man she wants to be married to, That we have open communication . And she has a burning desire to restore our marriage. and move back home
    Thank You so much for praying for me

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