Prayer to save my marriage and stop the divorce

by Claudia (Texas)

Dear Lord I pray again to you today.

To heal my marriage in your way.
To give me strength to stay the course.
Lord I don’t want my marriage to end in divorce.
I want the kids to have both of us.
To know you as the person to trust.
Help us both to see.
That this is something you meant to be.
What you have joined together let no one put asunder.
Break the bondage that Satan has put us under.
I believe in you word and trust what it says.
Lord I cry out to you, I lift up my hands.
Lord start the change in me.
Let my husband see You and your love through me.
Help us to forgive and move past all the pain.
Help us to love each other again.
He is flesh of my flesh, and bone of my bone.
Dear Lord help my husband come back.. Take away anyone and anything that would inspire temptation for my husband.
I know through you is the only way.
Lord I pray this again today.

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  1. Heal our wounds and protect our marriage

    Dear Lord,

    My parents-in law wish to separate me from my husband. Please save my marriage. I am too much in pain to know what words I should say to heal my marriage. If it is your wish to break the marriage then please take me with you . Please free me from this mortal life. As my mind is unable to accept the divorce. Lord, if you can see through my heart, you will know what I mean. Please do something. I don’t want anything else from you. Please save my marriage.


  2. stop divorce

    Jesuschrist please today I ask you to help me to stop the divorce against to me
    I belive you can help me with the documents are in the court,
    Thank you Jesus. Amwn.Patricia

  3. Restoration

    I have surrendered my marriage to you. Please soften my husbands heart (CRW), show him the way back to our marriage. His mind is confused, his heart is empty, he needs your strength, power, healing, guidance on how to be a husband. Lord, you know his heart, you have given us a true blessing of finding a husband and a wife. Please show him you love him, put your hands on him, clear out the fogginess, lead him back to our family. Teach him to forgive and the purpose of family and him as a leader. Show him that he was a wife that truly loves him unconditionally. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

  4. Prayer to stop divorce and mend back a very bad relationship between my husband and i

    Dear god heal and soften my husband’s heart make him to love again help him to forgive and be kind. Help him to see my love for him through u god rebuke all evil from his mind and thoughts. Help him to know that divorce is a sin and that i didn’t do anything to him for him to divorce me help him to remember our vows it has only been 2 months since we got married and i am home. Dear god please bring my husband back to me.

  5. Please save my marriage

    Dear lord,
    I pray to you today, to please save my marriage,
    I pray to you today to open my husbands eyes, to heal him of his demons, to show him that he is loved, to show him that he is not alone, i pray to you my lord if it is your will, please open my husbands heart again and bring him back to me. I pray for myself to give me strength to keep fighting. To please let our unborn son not grow up wothought his father.

    I pray in jesus name amen.

  6. Marriage Restoration Stop Divorce

    Dear Lord I ask for your healing grace upon my husband David that you turn his heart back to you and back to me and our 18 year marriage. He has filed for divorce and I just can’t believe he is allowing this woman to come between us. We have been separated for over a year now, and he has seen her since before and during this year. Why do I not want to give up hope? When all have said it’s hopeless. Because I know our GOD can move mountains, part the sea and give us hope to carry on. Please keep us in your prayer for our marriage to be restored and divorce proceedings to be stopped. Thank you in your name Jesus! Amen!

  7. restore our marriage save us from divorce

    Lord, please help us forgive and forget and do that as a family and walk in your footsteps Lord. The pain is so deep as is the hurt. I long for us to be one whole family again. I miss my wife and children and hope that they miss me to and that we are reunitied again as a family, I hope the divorce that is set for November-December is over and we truly forgive and love each other as we once did and trust each other and not take each other for granted. Lord life has been drained from me please restore me and rebuild me and my family in mind body and Spirit. Also Lord please heal all families from divorce and separation. In Jesus’ name.
    Father , Son and Holy Spirit, Amen

  8. Prayer for me to stop my marriage

    Dear Lord,
    My parents fixed my marriage on nov6 though I don’t like it. I have some dream about my husband. But my parents not listen it. I get lot of worries about my marriage. I am sure this marriage will be not give good life to me and also him who going to marry me. So please god help me to stop my marriage. I am only believes with you. Please god stop this marriage with some Miracle. It is don’t hurt any one. And help me to get desired husband. Amen.

  9. Lord help him to see and love me like he did before

    Lord I pray to you, save my husbands soul. Cast out all temptation and evil that surrounds his heart and his thoughts. Help him to open is eyes and is heart to love and forgive and to forgive himself. Lord I pray that you save our family. I pray that you transcent you grace and love through my husband and I that we may overcome all obstacles in our marriage and in our lives together and along side you. Hear my cries and my prayers Lord. Hear my heart. Save us from the devil’s manipulations. Save us from selfishness. Save our family. Save our marriage.
    In Jesus name I pray

  10. LOrd help him to see and love me like he did before

    Lord I pray to you, save my husbands soul. Cast out all temptation and evil that surrounds his heart and his thoughts. Help him to open is eyes and is heart to love and forgive and to forgive himself. Lord I pray that you save our family. I pray that you transcent you grace and love through my husband and I that we may overcome all obstacles in our marriage and in our lives together and along side you. Hear my cries and my prayers Lord. Hear my heart. Save us from the devil’s manipulations. Save us from selfishness. Save our family. Save our marriage.
    In Jesus name I pray

  11. Seperated on the road to Divorce

    Lord Jesus,
    Only you alone know how I suffer in this time.
    You know how I love my husband Johnny and only which for our family to be United again. Our daughter’s birthday was yes day and she just turned 2. I can’t bare the thought of her having to suffer from our selfish ways. Lord put our family back together. My heart is hurting . I’ve been seperated for 1 year and can’t see my life without him. I need our family lord. I need a miracle. Jesus! You hate divorce. You live family.
    Help us lord Jesus. Soften my husband’s heart. Let him see that being a family is the only way. Let no man destroy what you have put together oh Lord.
    All looks impossible right now, but…
    Jesus I trust in you

  12. Changing my husband mind

    Lord, i lift up to you all the pain
    Please give me more strenght to bear all the pain
    Please give me more patience and wisdom
    I trust all in you my beloved god
    Change his mind, touch his heart so he can see our worth
    Especially our beloved son his a brilliant and kind hearted child
    Please help us to be a good parents with him
    My husband/our daddy is the only one we want in our life
    Please calm him, and guide him back to us
    Help us oh lord,
    To have a happy marriage and family
    A family that all i ever wanted to have

  13. Stop my divorce and help others who find themselves in the same situation

    Dear Lord,

    I’am blessed and thankful for all you’ve given me. I’ve had some of the best six years of my life next my beloved wife. Due to unfortunate events on my behalf my marriage is in peril of a divorce. May you have mercy on myself, my spouse so that we can reconcile and grow old till death do us apart. I pray that you change me for a better man so that I may return to my spouse and be the husband she deserves. May you open her heart and bless her now and forever. Amen.

  14. Please Pray for my Family

    My wife filed for divorce 5 months ago. We are a younger couple in our 30’s been together 7 years married for 3.5 years. We had a blended family each having a child from a previous relationship. We had a child together whom now is 2. We both made mistakes in our marriage and the devil for sure got his hands in our marriage. Although no cheating happened nothing of that nature we just were miserable together. I love my wife and know if we both worked together and both became closer to god we could be happy again like we once were. My wife cut off all contact with me. We have been to court for custody and one one more court date for financials then of course the finalization of the divorce. My heart hurts I love this woman and pray her heart can be softened and we can give this another chance. I want to show my kids how to succeed in marriage even when things dont go as planned. Want my daughter to grow up in one house not two. Please pray my prayers can be answered. Amen.

  15. Rescue our marriages and families god we are saved with you.

    God please help my rescue my marriage and all these marriage going through hardships , help each memeber value each other and love each other more each day and workout their difference and put you first in their lifes and mine and my husbands to help our marriahe flourish and unity us and our families thank you for everything amen.

  16. Stop the divorce

    I pray that the Good Lord stops the divorce my husband has filed against me and also that the Heavenly Father unseat the woman who has taken my seat in all the areas of my marriage life and my husband’s heart and life. I pray that our Lord Jesus creates a sudden hate between them right now in the Mighty Name of Jesus, I pray that they become enemies right now and that a wall is build between them and they may never see one another again in the Name of Jesus.

  17. Prayee

    My husband says he hates me and has filed for divorce. I pray everyday that God will heal my marriage and bring new life and love into my family. I pray Jesus will help us to heal and show that he is all.powerful and can fix a broken home. I pray everyday for guidance and stength to honor what the future will hold.
    Please God show me the light. You say ask and you shall recieve and i am ready for my marriage to be restored.

  18. Please Help Me

    Dear God,

    I know that with you all things are possible. My divorce seems to be moving ahead at full speed. I do not want to lose my husband, my best friend. Please open his heart to receive my love. Please help him remember that it is you who joined us together, and help him remember and embrace the vows that we took before you. Please take away the temptation that is pulling him away from his family.

    Thank you.

  19. Save our Marriage

    I ask for your mercy and love to guide my wife and I back into your light. Please help restore our marriage and end the process of our divorce. We have a magnificent six month old girl whom I don’t want us to raise in separate households. I love my wife with all my heart. Even though I wasn’t a perfect husband I have made the changes in myself that needed to be done. I continue to ask for your guidance in helping me become the man you have set out for me to be. Help my words and action to build and not tear down. Please rebuild our foundation with you as our base. Please let us raise our child together than apart. I pray that your will is for true reconciliation in our marriage. Lord this is my prayer to you, thy will be done.

  20. Tunnel vision jeopardy ....

    Praying this daily for wife that is roller – coasting towards divorce after almost 20 years of marriage without care about the kids and repercussions! Please pray that bad influences will be immediately removed from wife’s advisors and godly people will be sent to calm her raging spirit.
    Pray that as I have sought and seeking forgiveness with meeting her list of needs that she will see the genuiness of my change in Jesus name…
    That we shall reconcile and have an abrupt stop to the divorce process!

  21. I love my wife

    Please lord stop this divorce. Bring my wife back and restore our family. Our kids are precious souls who need us both. Please repel the two women who have influenced my wife to want a divorce. Please repel the forces of these devils. Please stop her lesbian ways. God I keep faithful and praying but time is running out as the divorce is almost done.

    Help me please lord !!!!!!

  22. praying for a miracle

    I am praying that God will restore my marriage. That he will change my husband’s heart. That he will show him the way and to refuse all outside temptation. That he can love and trust me again. I don’t want my marriage to end. I made a bad decision which has led my husband to feel betrayed and hurt. I have apologized and asked for forgiveness. I know everything is possible through our Lord aMD savior therefore I’m asking him to grant me a miracle. In your name I pray. Amen

  23. Restore Marriage

    Dear God, please put thorn bushes around the other woman and the hedge of protection around my husband and return him to our 40 year marriage. Dear God I love my husband still and do not want the divorce. Please rekindle the love, intimacy and passion in our marriage and have us work every day for you as we make sure you are the center of our lives. Lord take away the bitterness and unfaithfulness and return us to the beautiful time in our lives. In Jesus I pray that you will send Nathan and even Michael or Gabriel to him and show both of us our faults, transform us and forgives us. Make sure also that we forgive ourselves and each other.

  24. Stop Divorce and Save Marriage

    After 49 years, he left me for a much younger woman and filed for divorce. We go to court in January 2016. Lord please stop the divorce and restore the marriage. Show both of us our faults and send Nathans to us so that we can heal from the damage that we allowed Satan and his demons to do. Lord, please get rid of the other woman and make him see his place is with me. I love him regardless of affairs and loss of monies. Place your commandments upon his heart especially thou shall not commit adultery. Put thorn bushes around her and sever the yoke on his neck ghat keeps the two of them connected. Make her see the error of her way and give him up. Place her salvation first in her life. Give us Dear Lord what we need to be a couple the way You want us to be. I still love him and want him back.

  25. praying

    Praying for my husband to come back home and fight his demons with me praying I can be a better wife praying for the vows we took in front of God to be full filled praying for the strength to help and www wait for my husband to come home praying for God to remove the temptation of the other woman who participates in the downward spiral with him bring him home to a place of peace with me and my son amen

  26. Please lord stop this divorce

    Helps us god to change and be one again bring the love and trust back and take away all this pain and worry and helps us be good parents for our babies and better partner to each other please god dont let my husband stray away and fall into anything bad help his pride and selfishness vanish and his family be his priority dont let these difficult obstacles pull us apart , lord save my family and marriage.

  27. Help our marriage from divorce

    Dear Lord,
    Today we go to court and I pray my husband can open his heart to trust and not let his mind overcome the love we share. May we both find the courage to accept the things we cannot change and work hard together to make changes we both need. I offered forgivness and love and I know he is not perfect and made many mistake but I am not perfect either and will help him with his problems forever. Please I want my husband home with me and not for this to end.
    I trust you Lord and place my burdens in your hands that you know what is best. Amen

  28. help

    Dear Lord please give me the strength that I need during this difficult time. I pray for the salvation of my marrigae. Please God help my husband heal and make him see through your grace that we can save our marriage. God make his heart tender and forgiving. Dear lord I pray.

  29. To save my marriage from divorces and return my husband home

    To return my husband home and start over with god frist . My husband name is Shaomari Mahfood

  30. One Year

    Dear friends,

    I have been praying so hard for all of us who want to save relationships. It has been a year since I began this journey to save my marriage. I ask that you continue to join me in praying that God will help me save my marriage and my family. Thank you!

  31. Change his mind

    I pray my husband will desire healing NOT divorce a miracle Lord, if ur will save my marriage pls

  32. Mark 10:9

    A marriage of 20 years. I am an imperfect husband that has trouble communicating. My wife suffers from the same. We drifted apart. My wife has filed for divorce, we have been apart for 8 months. I ask, and pray God will open my wife’s heart. That she will forgive me. I am not perfect, I never will be. I ask that God will bring us back together. Please do let not our child grow up under different roofs. May Gods healing power and grace shower my wife and I. That she may see this marriage can, and should be saved, but only with Gods help. I ask that Gods will is for the marriage to be repaired.
    Please God help my wife and I. Help us to talk. Help us to put you first in our lives. I miss her tremendously. I love my wife very much, I always will. Please God I ask she hears this prayer.

    What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

  33. God please hear my prayer

    Dear God,
    My friends in prayer and I have been praying so hard to save my marriage. Please look down and grant this wish for me. My family is everything to me. Without my husband, I am aimless and alone. Thank you for sending him into my life; please help me keep him there.

  34. A prayer to save my marriage

    Dear Lord,
    I am praying to save my marriage. So much has happened over the last year but I am asking you to save my marriage, restore my family for my wife and my children. I pray that we find love and trust in our hearts as well as healing for any transgressions. I still love my wife and am asking to restore this holy union

  35. Reversal in divorce

    Please dear God and everyone else reding this please pray for reversal of my divorce please pray for this to stop. Injust locked up my papers yesterday…. We are a great couple that have issues with anger n hitting to times n I the wife have done hi wrong where u have hurt him terribly.. He has hurt me before n carded trust issues bit we weren’t married. Please par for our divorce to stop n the process to stop. Lord please be with us n have him have a change of heart n fill us up with love n hope n a string bond please break the chains n walls down that are there… Please I am running out of faith n hope n have just a strand left to hold onto n even that I go up n down its such a battle
    Please pray everyone there’s hope right….? We have been married 4 years just how 4 in September… Thank you in adabantge for prayers
    Tara so broken hearted lost n scared please we need a miracle

  36. Thank you for praying

    Please pray that my husband of 14 years will see how far he has strayed from God and realize the devastating effects his choice to divorce me will have on our family. I love him and do not want a divorce. For everybody else on here, I join together with you..

    In Jesus’ powerful name I bind the spirits of selfishness, pride, rebellion, perversion of Gods’ truth, resentment, bitterness in the spouses who are seeking divorce and in our marriages. I thank you for giving our marriages peace, joy, new love, happiness, and desires. I thank you God for breaking generational curses being repeated in our families, for making the evil spirits and curses scatter like tumbleweeds. Lord guide us to walk in your will, every day, and create in us and our spouses a bond like never before. In Jesus’ name we pray, AMEN!

  37. Pray to stop my divorce I love my wife and children

    Please pray for my family stop my divorce I love my wife and kids this is not what god intended when we got married I’ve been married 24 yrs with her 28 yrs four of the best children in the world and I love my family more than anything they are my life

  38. Save my marriage

    Please pray for my husband to forgive me and love me again, to pray for him to give our marriage the time that we need to heal, and to open his heart to me.

  39. Help save my marriage

    I ask for a prayer that will heal our marriage of almost 40 years. I don’t want to go through life without my wife and don’t want the divorce she has filed. I want our family to be one again and have God in our lives and our hearts again. I pray that she can forgive me for being the way I was and to show that people can change with the help of God

  40. Please pray for us

    Dear Friends, Please help me pray to save my marriage of 28 years. My husband wants a divorce. This will break up our very small family and devastate me. Thank you.

  41. Broken hearted

    Please add me to your prayer list. After 20 years my husband left me for another woman and my heart is totally broken. I pray that the Lord will work a miracle and stop the divorce proceedings because I really believed and still believe that we are in love. Again I’m asking any one to please pray for us…

  42. Prayer for new Marriage

    Please pray for my marriage that it may be saved wife wants out and I dont. We have only been married for 5 months. Lord please help us.

  43. 30 years

    .I have been married 30 years. I am in the process of a divorce because my husband continues to be unfaithful to me I felt like I had nowhere to turn but to file but I still miss him and I still love him very much and I pray that God will grant us some type of a miracle

  44. Restoration

    In Jesus name I break the bondage Satan has over my brad new marriag . I declare healing and love!! Jesus hear this! Answer my praer today Lor . We need you yo move mightily and in the most powerful way. Amen!

  45. aching heart

    well, i asking for prayer for my marriage its will be 7 years of nothing for GOOD TIMES, YES U READ IT RIGHT. thats why its so hard to understand why he wants to end it. it hurts my heart deeply! we had the little disagreements,but soon as we both settle down we are calling or texting to get things back right. ive asked could we get help ,he refusing it all. Ive told him im stronger then what he things and we could get throuth this if he TALKS TO ME,OR ANYONE. He keeps saying its for the BEST. I DONT UNDERSTAND,ive even ask was it a baby invovled,he replyed ‘NO’! so what could it be? a woman” he stated No!. im lost and hurt. we dont have any kids together but we share love for 3 kids and 1 grand. i love his kids like they are my own… he states, yes he loves me yes he still in nlove but this is best for to divorce? i dont undersand. please keep us in your prayers. and he in army as well keep us lifted in prayers!!

  46. Divorce I don't want

    Please add me to your prayer. I’ve known my wife for 5 years and of which a year almost married. I thought she loved me as much as I loved her. all the sudden a money issue comes up and she’s a changed person who let her family put their venom in her head. She went back to her home state and we haven’t been talking for the last two month, things have escalated to a divorce case. A case i filed thinking of giving her a choice so I can see the true person in her, but she was served and agreed to the divorce. Lord knows I don’t want the divorce, because I do love her. She’s the only one I actually love and chosen to be with. Please pray that this storm is just a test faith and will pass so we can fulfill God’s way of two in one body and one life to help build that church inside our home and raise that family we dreamed of. Please Lord remember us and forgive us our sins and break satan’s bondage over us and steer him away from us. Please Lord open her eyes to the time we spent together in laughter and love or what was supposed to be for love and not business. Lord I pure my heart out to you today to hear us and bless and show us the way to you. Thy will be done. We thank you and pray to you always thru the intercession of all saints and St. Mary. PLEASE LORD GUIDE US AND BLESS US AND TAKE AWAY FROM US THIS CUP. Amen.

  47. I don't want a divorce

    Please send your prayers my way. My wife is adiment that I move out. She says a process server has been trying to get a hold of me. We have been married 7yrs and together for 9. Lord please don’t let this happen we have a 7ur old son together and I have raised my 17yr old step daughter. Could really use some prayers right now.

  48. putting my life in God's hands

    I don’t attend church regularly….but I have always had faith in Him. Please God help save my marriage so we can be better people and for our child, keeping him in a loving and stable home. Please let my husband see the love I have for him and the love he once had for me. Please make Satan release his grip on us! We do not want and will not have him in our home. Amen.

  49. please restore my marriage

    Hi All

    Please help me all to restore my marriage.
    My husband is asking for a divorce. Due to issues with my inlaws.
    Its being 4 yrs of marriage….its being 1 yr he is not t
    aling to me.
    I hve being staying away from him since 3 months.
    I hv not seen him.
    I need urgent pray. I belive a lot on jesus…
    All are saying my marriage is hopeless now.
    But I beleive my jesus will do miracle in my life

    Request you all to please do an urgent prayer.

    God bless u all

    Thanks to all

  50. Need prayers

    My wife and I have been separated for 6 months. We have been attending counseling but the past mistakes I’ve made always seem to come up. She told me two weeks ago she is over the marriage and filing for divorce. I’m hoping she has a change of heart and will continue to fight for our marriage. I appreciate all the prayers I can get.

  51. please

    Concecrate your marriage to the Scared Heart of Jesus and The Immaculate Heart of Mary.
    O God please open the hearts of our
    Spouces, so that they may feel your love and understand that you have united us as a family and no matter the temptation or battles we face. Let us have the courage to turn to you together in faith and love.
    Please God save my marriage

  52. I love my husband

    Dear Lord find it your own way the path for my husband to come back to me and to help me be a better person in my marriage and my life so this doesnt happen again,

  53. Restore my marriage

    My wife has said she does no longer wants to be married to me. I say novenas and the rosary and pray all the time. People say I should accept that she has free will and God may not grant this miracle. Has anyone succeeded at that point?

  54. Hurt...

    I hurt my husband in the worst way….I pray for his forgiveness and I pray that we can work things out. He is slowly checked out but I pray that in time his hurt will heal and maybe just maybe we can get back to where we once were and belong.

  55. mend the broken hearts

    Dear Lord, I too feel the pain of those who thought they had married 💑 the person of their dreams. I humbly ask that You reconcile the couples that seek reconciliation. My wife has lost her senses or her love for me. She has taken our children and made false claims of abuse. I did nothing to harm my precious children, Lord You know this. They are my reason for existing. I love her even though she seems demonically possessed. If she no longer loves me I understand but don’t let her deprive my children of a great and caring dad’s love. Get her to stop the lawyer stuff and reconcile or settle on friend ly terms. I Jesus’ name I ask. Lord answer my prayer.

  56. God can

    My divorce is set for dec15.its a couple hours away as I write this. But God’s word said if I have faith of a mustard seed, anything is possible. .So on this day I make a decree that the devi is A Lie . God said he hates divorce so by faith I am believing that God will show up and show out. I choose to trust God no matter what the situation is in front of me his words lives inside of me and they are true. So I am claiming restoration in Jesus name. .no divorce every chain, stronghold is broken right now by the blood of Jesus. PTL

  57. Did these prayers help

    I am in same boats as many of you.
    Did these prayers help anyone get their family back togther?

  58. save my marriage in the name of jesus

    I Am A NewlyWed But We Have Been Together For A Long Time. We Finally Wanted To Be Accepted And Blessed In Gods Eyes. Shortly After We Were Married, I started Speaking To An Old Flame Of Mine. I Left My Husband And Brought Another Man Into Our Home. I Actually Had Plans On Never Being With My Husband Again. I Severely Hurt His Heart. We Already Are Young And Scared And I Went And MesseD It Up. He Ia Completely Angry At Me Right Now AnD He Is Supposedly Seeing Another Woman. We Are Still Married And I Love This Person. I Believe In Our Marriage And I Believe That The Lord Has The Power To Save All. I Know In mY heart That he is the one god intended for me. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that he saves my marriage. I rebuke the bondages’ and the demon of anger from our marriage in the name of Jesus. I ask that God Shows Mercy Upon My Marriage And Once Again Show Us What Happiness Is. I Ask That Forgive Us And Healbus As A whole Amen

  59. Saving marriage

    I understand the prayer and am going through the same thing. My husband hurt me and I in turn reactively hurt him. I pray that all hurting marriages become healed and everyone walks in faith through their marriage. I wish those hurting relief from pain. Knowing first hand and going through it this very second….I am keeping you all in my prayers. I pray we stay together and raise our twin girls as man and wife rather than splitting our family and growing apart. I love my husband with all of my heart. I love my family and I so desparately want us to stay together as one unit.

  60. help my marriage dear lord

    i have been married to a wonderfull person and i failed him i lost his child and never told him it hurts i am going through alot lord please i cant loos my marriage i cant loos my husband i cant loos the baby i am having i cant lord please help me please we are going today to the dr that attended to me and please lord let him get all the answers lord you know my heart you know my past and you know all the bad i have been through this is my husband i prayed for him please dear lord heal my marriage in the name of jesus i put my love and my life my husband and my unborn child in your hands.please lord all i ask is help us through this bad time .
    today we will start on a new page our life will change for the better lord i pray this in the name of jesus. i cut off all of satans work every plan he has againts me my husband my unborn child and my marriage .

    i pray this in in the name of the father the son and the holy ghost

  61. false charges

    My wife hates the area in which we live (my hometown). She always wanted to leave here which she told me countless times. I agreed but I said we have to finish the house and rent it out. I mentioned to her that I,m laid off now and can,t start the work on the house until I,m back at work. She was very agitated about that. One day I dropped her off at her therapist and went to do some business. When she called me to pick her up, six police cars boxed me in. They charged me with assault and confinement. I was stunned. I never ever touched my wife…ever. The therapist talked my wife into it and file for divorce, I,m stunned!. I still want to save the marriage because I know someone else put her up to it. I still think that it,s worth saving. I,m not allowed to speak to her or have anyone else speak to her, so I,m praying that the Lord above will listen to my prayers.

  62. false charges

    My wife hates the area in which we live (my hometown). She always wanted to leave here which she told me countless times. I agreed but I said we have to finish the house and rent it out. I mentioned to her that I,m laid off now and can,t start the work on the house until I,m back at work. She was very agitated about that. One day I dropped her off at her therapist and went to do some business. When she called me to pick her up, six police cars boxed me in. They charged me with assault and confinement. I was stunned. I never ever touched my wife…ever. The therapist talked my wife into it and file for divorce, I,m stunned!. I still want to save the marriage because I know someone else put her up to it. I still think that it,s worth saving. I,m not allowed to speak to her or have anyone else speak to her, so I,m praying that the Lord above will listen to my prayers.

  63. I pray for a miracle in my marriage

    I was not in fellowship with God..We were separated for months, She prayed for me for months. I started Praying for forgiveness in my actions and for the Lord to place me in the center of His will. I wanted and prayed to be the Godly father I needed to be for my family. He soon grieved me that to be the Godly father I first needed to be the Godly Husband. The Lord has definitely worked miracles in my life but when I went to her for reconciliation I found she was seeing someone else. I know this is my fault but God has me placed firmly in His will. I am praying for a Miracle in my marriage. That He would show her my heart and prove me. I am praying you restoration and the demons that have entered our marriage leave in the name of Jesus Christ. I pray God place her in the center of His will and ,as he sis me, give her conviction of deep and sharp for understanding. I pray God take back control of our marriage and save it.. this my cry! Please pray with me. I want restoration for my family and a miracle in my marriage..

  64. Desperate and alone

    Dear Lord, please help. You know what is going on & I am begging you, please, in the name of your son Jesus Christ, help me fix my husband’s heart & have him love our family the way that he should again. I know that I cannot do it all on my own– only with you. Please remove the wicked woman from our lives so that he can see clearly again. He is destroying our family, yet shows no remorse for his actions nor the hurt he is causing all of us. Please, oh God, give me the strength to get thru this, no matter how it ends up. I need you & your love now more than ever. I know you will not give up on me. I am asking you to build a wall of protection & truth around our family. Put the full armor of God on us, dear Lord. Help us overcome Satan. Cast out the sin & restore my husband with truth & joy. I beg with all my heart, bind us together so that we will remain strong, just as you intended a marriage to be. I ask all these things in your son’s most Holy name, Amen.

  65. Prayer for restoration of our marriage

    Dear all, I petition to you all and the Lord our God in prayer to stop y wife from breaking up our family. We’re a young couple in our late 20′ and have been together for 5yrs and married for 2 going on 3, however she has decided she wants out. She cites her unhappiness in our marriage and me being untrustworthy as her reason for this hasty decision. I pray the Lord spares her from this path that she’s chosen as i believe the happiness she’s after will be shortlived. Marriages are built to with stand adversity and succeed even when the devil manages to get his hands on them. I admit I haven’t been the best version of myself and I’ve apologized to her and God for treating her the way she deserved, however I believed we were working onn getting our lives back on track. Its been 3 months since we’ve been separated, although we still live together until we finalise everything. I pray for her heart to be healed and for God’s message to get through to her so she can realise that the fears she has about our marriage are not of the Lords doing but the Devil stealing our happiness. Please pray for us, and our daughter to grow up in a happy, loving, peaceful and warm home.

  66. End Martial Separation

    Heavenly Father,

    Lord, upon Your will restore my marriage and end this separation.
    Lord, please restore our marriage into what it should be under Your control and guidance.
    Lord, please enable me to have Biblical financial breakthrough to return to Costa Rica with my dog Perlita and my hamster Charlie Angel
    In Jesus Christ name.

  67. Ann stop divorcing me

    Please pray Ann will not divorce me. She filed. God please change her heart.

  68. Save my marriage from divorce

    Please bring my wife back to me so the four of us can be a family again. I saw my wife for the first time tonight since she left. She was very beautiful and I told her that I loved her very much and always have. I know you can’t make people love each other. Satan definitely grabbed our marriage and choking it. But your word says do not let anything tear apart what you brought together. I filed for divorce because I had to in order to save my rights to our baby. However, it was not something I wanted to do. Please Lord forgive me for filing but I had to due to earthly laws. I do not believe in the legal system, but I believe in Gods work. There is nothing God can’t fix that Satan tries to destroy. I believe Satan has about won but I pray God to breathe new life into our marriage. If it is your will Lord please make it the best it has ever been. If it is not then please take care of me and my kids. This I pray in Jesus name.

  69. Please return

    Please let Robert return to his family, and please put thorns of protection around him to save him from the woman trying to destroy our marriage

  70. Save our marriage

    Lord, I ask that you stop my divorce. My husband is confused and needs your healing.
    He is missing something in his heart and is looking for it in other women instead of you. I ask that you reveal your love to him, bring him strong men of God to witness to him, and let him see the that our marriage is a unity blessed by you Lord Jesus. Cast out all evil spirits that the devil has placed around our marriage. Place the hedge of thorns around him. Lord, please give me the strength to forgive and trust him again. Please teach him to love me the way God loved the church and teach me to lift him to you. Lord Jesus, please don’t let our marriage end as we still love each other so much. Our court date is very soon and I am believing in a miracle and thank you in advance for this precious gift of reconciliation. I praise your name Father God. AMEN

  71. Reunite my marriage and stop divorce

    God you are faithful and you said in your word what you have joined let no man separate. Today l come before your throne of mercy and ask you to mend every broken aspect of marriage between my husband and l. Please God remove any evil thinking, juju and anything causing confusion in his head in the name of Jesus. For the battles are fought by you help me to be a good wife and talk sense on our upcoming meeting. Please change my husband’s way of thinking let his love for me be revived let no family or friend bad advice have impact on him. I believe my husband is coming back. Please save him from the woman who is trying to break our marriage.

  72. Jesus please stop our divorce

    Jesus please bring Howard back to his senses and bring him back home. He left to be with a much younger woman a year and a half ago. Our divorce will be final July 19th. I love this man unconditionally and we have been married for over 37 years. I have been shattered and am broken and ask for restoration of our marriage before it is too late. Take this woman out of his life and show him how much he loves his family. His children and grandchildren also miss him so much. Restore our lives and marriage and make them better than they ever were. Thank you Lord, I love you Jesus.
    I also appreciate anyone who could say a prayer for us. So many people in so much pain. Blessings x

  73. Help him to love me again and stop this divorce

    Dear God I pray you return my husband’s heart back to You and to me. He is being manipulated by another woman and the devil himself. Please God I pray you stop this divorce. Bring my love back. Bring my best friend back. Bring my lover back. Bring my other half back to me with a renewed sense of hope and love for us. Let him remember our vows. Let him remeber our love. Help see and feel that I I still love him ununconditionally. I pray all this in Jesus’ name, amen!

  74. Follow up

    Claudia, has your marriage been saved? I myself just got the words i never thought i would hear. I want a divorce!

  75. Help

    Please help this couple. Lord they need your help. They are not together right now but I pray you help them.


    We have been married 3.10 years and 2 months close to our wedding anniversary
    Last month, in a heated arguement , I raised my hand on my wife that left her bruised.
    I saw how wild my anger got me . I was completely sorry and she was in pain , in the morning also i apologized a lot but she went to her work place.
    Knowing that I had grieved her and hurt her i could not work in my office, I took half day and came home , but she was neither at the house , nor she and her parents were at their house . (She had gone to the POLICE STATION).
    I went there also , she had lodged a complaint against me , and also had a Medical done , however nothing other than a counselling session happened . I went to the police station as I loved my wife and wanted to apologize also I was guilty , however , she did not return home with me , she came with her parents and took her clothes and went away to her parents house . I have been repentant and requested her umpteen times to come home . Also, i am not ignoring the fact that I am wrong and want to make up , and assuring that never will I think , leave alone doing what I did . She wanted an agreement to be signed by me , I accepted to sign , and then one evening she called me to a lawyers chamber , I read the agreement it was false allegations to a very good extent (mostly stating that I had physcially , mentally tortured her ) . Having not signed the agreement she never came home with me and also after two days she told me she wants separation .
    I love my wife a lot , i am madily and crazily in love with her . I married her at the altar and I dont want a separation , it was a love marriage .
    I still am ashamed of what I have done , and also repentant about the same .
    I only prayer that may God allow us to reunited as husband and wife . I dont want my house to break . I am really sorry about my deed and ashamed . Please prayer for me .

  77. Dear Lord

    I pray to you today again, please restore my marriage. I have been so blind and have let others influence my actions towards my husband. Lord, please cleanse his thoughts for he wants a divorce and he is at the point where an adultry is an option. Lord, please bring him back to you. Lord, help him forgive me for I have treated him badly. Lord, help me change my way and prove it to him that the marriage is worth saving. Lord, help him change his mind about divorce, let him remember all of the good times, everything that we’ve conquered over the past 5 years. No one and anything can break the marriage vow. Lord, help the both of us heal and please help him come back to you and this marriage again. Lord, I do not want this marriage to end in divorce. Let me show him your unconditional love. Let me regain his trust and his heart. Lord, I truly love him and I know he love me too, please make him see that we could still work things out and save our marriage and we’ll become stronger from it. Let him see hope in our marriage and stay in this marriage under your guidance Lord.


  78. Dear Lord please save my marriage

    Dear Lord,
    I know that through you everything is possible. My wife is so reluctant to stay in the marriage. I have to admit that I have done some things that hurt her. I am begging you for forgiveness Lord. I cry out to you to take my marriage in your hands. Please make my wife and me one flesh again. I know you do not like divorce. Please allow us to grow old together in marriage. We have two precious kids, please do not allow them to go through a divorce. Bless us, show us the way to fix our marital issues. In Jesus name, I pray.


  79. Lord help us save our marriage

    Please God let my husband see a way to try to save our marriage. He says he is done and can do no more. He focuses on all my past mistakes but not on his own. Help us to see the importance of honoring the commitment we made to you 30 years ago. I will do anything you ask, Lord. Just show us the way.


  80. Prayer for marriage restoration

    Pray for my marriage which is in the verge of collapse.My husband moved out of the house soon after i saw a massage in his phone.May our dear and loving God restore my marriage.

  81. Prayers for my broken marriage to be healed and not end in divorce

    Heavenly Father I come to you as a broken husband, I’ve done things to cause this heartache in my marriage, I’ve lied, I’ve betrayed and I’ve cheated lord, please forgive me and help me stop this divorce process and fill our hearts with love and peace, help me show my wife Tamilyn that we can fix this with your help father, please help me drive this wedge that is tearing us farther apart out of our marriage. Guide her and me to you father so we can reconcile and stay as one flesh in your eyes lord, all things can be done through you lord, in Jesus name I pray Amen

  82. Father God, I surrender my marriage to you

    Lord, I come before you today as a humbled servant and I pray that you bring your love, peace and happiness back into the union that you created on May 25, 2008. You blessed me with the best wife, best mother to our three beautiful children, and ultimately my best friend. Father I have failed you, I have allowed Satan to enter my mind and corrupt everything that was good to me. I’ve lied, cheated and caused tremendous pain to the one person that I love/cherish. Satan allowed traumatic childhood events and other things to influence my mind/actions. I rebuke him and all the turmoil he has caused in our marriage. Father God you love marriage and not divorce, for your word says that you created woman and man to be companions for life and two be one flesh in your eyes. Father I ask you to please forgive me for my sins and any of the contributions that I had in causing my wife, your daughter, even the slightest bit of pain/heartache. My heart and my fighting spirit is broken Lord, please give my wife and I peace to allow your love to flow throughout our marriage and restore our bond. Please allow forgiveness and trust to enter our thoughts and minds, so that we can be the wonderful parents to C, W, E.
    Father God I can’t lose my wife, my family and my happiness. I need you now more than ever Lord. Please cause any disruption in these divorce proceedings that she has filed or simply just allow your love to overflow her heart like a cup of water. You are the Creator of all creations, the Alpha and Omega, you can part sea’s and move mountains Lord, and I know that you can restore love, peace, understanding, forgiveness, patience, commitment and trust back in our marriage. I give you all the Glory, all the Praise and all the Honor. Amen

  83. Stop divorce

    Dear lord ,
    I ask to help restore our love for one another and lead us not to divorce , help us overcome the hurt and pain this marriage has indured, please come in and work on both of us and help us forgive and work on this marriage we have tried so many times and just hit bumps in the road I love my husband and just need to stop allowing Satan to step in and ruin all we have ever had , please help me work on my flaws and stop seeing all of his and help him work on his flaws also .

  84. Save My Marriage from Divoce

    Dear Lord,
    Please I ask for Your help in stopping our divorce, the divorce papers are are the court. Please remind my wife of the vows we made towards one another and help her find the love she once had for me when we both said I Do. Please Lord save our 18 year marriage and our family of 5 three beautiful children that we have both raised with our love and have plenty of moore years to love our kids together as a family and as husband and wife. Please Lord find it in her heart to come back to our marriage and please guide her in the right path and show her that i love her and still love her no matter what has happned. In Jesus name we pray.



  85. Stop a divorce get reconcilation

    Please, God, I need help, to stop a divorce and have reconciliation and save my marriage.
    Dear God that you will soften my wife’s DeLynn’s heart, She opens the door for us to get into counseling and stop our divorce. Jesus, I pray that we have more open communication and reconciliation of our marriage.
    Jesus, I ask that you change me into the man she wants to be married to.
    I pray that she has a burning desire to rebuild our marriage and restore the love we once had,
    I pray that Jesus and the Holy Spirit will restore us and make us stronger than ever.
    Thank You, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit
    Bill T.

  86. Please save my marriage please bring him home

    Lord my husband let in his friends and my supposed friends and now they are fixing him up with other women and lord I can’t take this pain I have cried my last tear father god I ask you to do your will in me and my husband I want to save our marriage but if it can not be mend I pray father god you please take me with you my heart can’t accept a divorce I can not see my husband with other women I can’t do it anymore father god so now I am turning to you please father god do your will and help me through my time of need I ask this of you and lord I know I ask a lot and I’m sorry for being a burden please Heavenly Father heat my cries and please ease my pain you showed me my own mistakes please stop him in his tracks dear god I love you and thank you and I pray that every other person speaking you will find peace and father god mend these marriages and heal the ones you don’t please lord give everyone of us just the peace of mind and peace of heart we’re searching for thank you and you said two or more come together in ur name it shall be done well we believe with all our hearts it is done In you name I end this father god in the name of Jesus Christ our lord and savior amen god bless u all and I’m sorry ur in pain and I pray that u are all at peace

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