Prayer to save my marriage and save my husband

Dear Lord,

i humbly come before you today to ask for your help to save my marriage and to give my husband the enlightenment and help he needs to realize his doings. Please help him be free of his sickness and way of thinking , help him fight the temptations and please give him the strength to overcome his condition and renew the love and respect that he had for me.

Please help him to communicate with me again with even just a little bit of respect. I know that he is in too deep of his problems and demons right now, please help him overcome them. and please help me in saving my marriage and accepting my husband despite of what he has done.

I love him so much and i dont want to give up on our marriage. You are my last and only hope, i cannot go through this without your help.I dont know who to trust anymore, you are the only one i know who i can truly trust regarding our problem. Please help me restore my marriage. thank you. amen.

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