prayer to save my marriage and remove infidelity in our relationship

by Latonya (Lithonia Ga)

Lord I come to you with so much pain and hurt and I’m asking u to please for give for my sins Jesus I’m going through so much in my marriage and I’m asking u to please see me through lord I’m asking you to please save my marriage.

I’m asking you to please remove the other women and take away the loneliness that I’m feeling and desire to seek attention from other men to take away the pain from being so hurt lord god I pray that you rebuild my marriage and make us as one again lord I pray that you remove my husband lover out our life.

separate them as far as the east is from the west Jesus’ i rebuke the enemy from my marriage and I Know u have the last word and i pray your precious will be your way touch my husband to see what he is doing is wrong and with me is where he belong as one…and u touch my heart with forgiveness and we put this behind and move on as just another trial god put us through that we over your name I pray amen

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  1. I understand

    Sister I pray your marriage is healed in the name if Jesus. I too understand the pain and hurt you are feeling. Just 3 months ago I pieced together and determined my husband was cheating after suspecting for 1 year he was doing so. I asked him repeatedly about her and he lied repeatedly. The chips fell and I lost sanity for a moment and acted out if character towards him. I sooned realized with God and thru my pastor if I wanted my marriage I had to forgive. I have and although I am reminded often of the infidelity in my private thoughts each passing day gets better. I don’t know what the future holds but I sm trying to rebuild for my children’s sake and I do love him. Stay strong and keep praying.

  2. Troubled marriage

    Please pray that my 18 year marriage does not fall apart due to infidelity on my part. I was blind and selfish and I do not want to lose my family. Please pray for forgiveness and healing.I love my,husband and family very much.

  3. prayer for restored marriage

    I am dealing with the same thing right now. I cheated on my husband two years ago, and about a month ago he told me he was moving out this summer. It happened, but about three months after it happened, things were perfect. Then somehow he had a setback that he never recovered from. We still live together, but he’s only here physically. I don’t know when the last time he told me he loved me or kissed me…I know it hasn’t been this year. He hasn’t worn his wedding ring since December of 2016. I’m going to counseling, but he won’t go with me. He said he forgives me and accepts my apology but still wants to leave for whatever reason. We have two small children. If anything, I hope we can work it out for their sake. He’s also told his family what has happened which has severed the relationship I had with his sisters, of course. I’m physically and emotionally sick because I feel helpless. Anything you can imagine for me to say or do, I have. I pray to God continuously for forgiveness and a restored marriage. My kids see me crying, and I know I have to find strength for their sake. I fear being alone. I created this situation but I don’t know what to do to make it right. Please join me in prayer that we can save our marriage even though things don’t look good at the moment.

  4. Infidelity

    Please pray for our marrige. My spouse had confessed a one year long relationschip with a women. We have bern together about 21 years and have always had a good marrige. He love me and the children and want to stay with me, but at the same time he has feelings for another women and its so hard for him to break totally. Pray that the feelings for this other will disapperd and that he can see clear what is right to do. I am so hurt right now. But I want my marrige back.


    I’ve been married for 19yrs and a lot had happened between the both of us. Infidelity has even had it’s share in my marriage and division is still in place as well. Problems everywhere, I didn’t even think counseling can fix this. We never had it I’m willing to try anything at this point. We both have open wombs that needs to be healed. It’s a lot, all the ingredients of a marriage has gone out of the front door and back door. I know he is still dealing with other women as he calls them his co-workers. We even live in two different homes, we are so departed the Red Sea don’t have nothing over us. It’s not funny but it’s the truth and it’s what it is. I can’t make my husband do anything that he’s not willing to do. NOW, I have to get out of the way and let GOD BE GOD. I’m tried going back and forth with my feeling and emotion like I’m on a rollercoaster ride. There is no trust between use nothing is coming together. Somethings may be what it is once again you can’t make your spouse love you if he doesn’t. We don’t even tell each other that any more. Look, I just can’t keep living like this God is good to me and my boys, so if he wants that kind of life oh well. I love JESUS and my boys and at that point that’s all that matters to me. I wish everyone blessing in your marriage and God to do anything thing but FAIL. If you still love each other then fix it, work on it hold strong to each other. Don’t let nobody come between you guys put JESUS ALL IN IT.
    STAND 🔥✝️🔥

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