Prayer to Save My Marriage and Have My Wife Back

by Taylor (Virginia Beach, VA)

Lord father please save my marriage i love my wife so much i’d do anything to have her back in life. If you give me this opportunity to save my wife and bring her back to me. I’d do anything just to have her in my arms. God i ask that you touch her heart right now in the name of jesus.

She’s with another man and i know she still loves me but wouldn’t give me the full chance to show her. she has said several times how bad she wanted the marriage to work. But i’ve said somethings i didnt mean i just want her back. God i promise if you can bring her back my whole life will do a 360. God this the woman i want to be with for the rest of my life. Please touch her heart.

please answer my prayers if its your will in jesus name amen.

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