Prayer to Save MY Marriage and For My Husband to Find HImself

by Kelly (New Caney, TX)

Dear Lord,

Please help save my marriage, my husband is lost and confused. He says his heart is empty and he doesn’t want to be married. He is fighting Satan everyday with his feelings. I know he loves me, he says I deserve more, he is not seeing that you brought us together in marriage in your name to serve you Lord.

We have done a lot of wrong to each other in the past and tried to give up many times but you brought him back to me recently for the right reasons and he has lost sight of that and why you brought him back home to me. Please help him to see why and that our marriage is sacred in your eyes Lord that you have a reason for it. Please help us to forgive each other and ourselves for all the wrong we have done so that we can work with you to save our marriage and be the husband and wife you expect of us.

In Jesus name I pray,