Prayer to save my marriage and family

by Carl Colston (Buffalo , Ny, Erie)

Dear Jesus. Hear my cry to save my marriage and family! I’m in the midst of total ruin ! I ask that you heal my wife heart and change mind this moment ! You know I’m on my last leg now ! Help me! Put your spirit upon me.! That they may know u are with me Lord ! At times I feel I rather be dead than to have my family divided up ! Help me Lord ! Help me please ! Turn this situation around at this moment ! And never let there ever be any division again ! In christ jesus holy name I pray ! AMEN!!!!!

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  1. praying


    I am in the same situation as you. I hope and pray for you and hope and pray for myself, my wife and kids. In the past I have always found God has responded to constant and consistent prayer. Good luck and may God PLEASE shine upon all of us and heal everyone involved.


  2. I'll pray

    JIm and Carl,

    I’ll pray for you both but please remember whatever happens, God would never put us through whats not planned for us by him. And God knows best, much love to you two xxx

  3. family seperation

    i too am in a very hard place and feel the same as you and your words are my feelings as i too have the days where i feel i cannot go on due to whats happened, and how i thought god would help fix my family as he made family’s and people to have only one partner and one family. My baby’s farther has gone to be with another girl his brothers ex girlfriend and she is pregnant after just 3 weeks and we only argued as i had two exams and was highly stressed and he left. i prayed for help and got it im sure as he did come back but then a month or so later i found he was back with her after i had helped and supported him financially and with love and support. im thoroughly gutted and feel so empty now . Me and my daughter are missing a big part of our lives and i have no idea what else to do.

    Please god i send hope and help along with this message to those who have problems to be resolved and for your help and guidance to bring my family back together as all i WANT is to be happy again and have my family together once more. AMEN

  4. Prayer for marriage healing

    I pray for all those facing hard and sad times in their marriage. My precious wife has become disconnected and unwilling to work through our woes. I pray in Jesus name the love we once shared can be rekindled so we may live in God’s light with our beautiful son. I beg forgiveness for my part in our turmoil and pray for healing for us all. In Christ Jesus name!!! Amen

  5. Pray for God to save my marriage

    My husband came to me the night after our Anniversary of more than 30 years and said he had found an apartment and was moving out to think able our marriage. He felt like he was giving everything and not getting anything in return. I did not realize he was feeling that way as I had become very overwhelmed and wrapped up in my job. and searching for a different job, which I will be starting in a few days with less stress that I’ll be able to leave my work at work instead of being on call 24/7. He has agreed to counseling. Please pray that God will touch his heart and show him that he needs to turn his life and our marriage over to God. That God will strengthen and restore or marriage to the way he planned it to be when he put us together all those years ago. I love my husband more today than I did the day we were married. Pray that God will guide our counselor in the direction God wants us to go in our counseling. Pray that God will soften my husband’s heart in order for him to be able to forgive my short comings and help me to become the wife God intends for me to be, and that he will become the husband God intended him to be. please pray that God will Make our marriage stronger than ever and strong in him.
    Thank you so much,

  6. Hopeless Husband and Father

    Dear Lord, I failed you. I have never felt so lost, ashamed, and hatred towards myself. I failed my wife and two sons. My wife will not hear anything in attempts to amend. I know I can commit to your word and learn from my weaknesses if given the desperate opportunity to save my family from being broken. I give myself to you in full faith and trust for the best of all four of us. But I know best is together where I can fulfill my families needs snd promises and to make everything right. I need forgiveness and an opportunity to prove my love for my family. Please Lord I’m lost and empty… John

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