Prayer to save my marriage and bring me kids.

by Michelle (Los Gatos, CA)

Dear God,

Please help me save my marriage. I love my Husband. My heart aches that my Husband is gone. The pain of him not loving me anymore is torture to my heart. Please heal my heart, as we both wanted love and joy and children so badly.

We used to cherish each other and we let others lies come between us. Please let the love my Husband had for me when he proposed return to his heart. My Husband has such a warm and loving heart when he thinks for himself and used himself and the lighthouse to guide him and navigate his life. Please help him to see my heart, even though my heart is so hurt and broken and aching. I love my Husband.

I don’t want either of us to suffer anymore. We have already suffered so much believing the lies others have told and the lies that we have often both thought were the truth. Please show us both the truth and the way back to one another and guide us each away from the hurt and evil that is tearing up apart.

We lost our focus from goals and dreams and joy and children and we both stred at the police car and it has only brought us both pain and suffering and heart ache. Please heal both of our hearts and show us both the way out of this pain. I love my Husband and I don’t want either of us to suffer anymore.

We have both suffered so much. Please, please, please I beg you to stop the hurt in my heart. I ache so badly. All I wante to do was love my Husband. Please let us feel the love we had for each other, when we both believe in one another. There is so much hurt and heartache that we have both gone through, when all we wanted to do was love one another. Please God, help me see what I am not seeing, as I love my Husband so badly. I miss his warm and loving and caring heart so badly.

He has the most amazizng heart, when he focuses on the things that I do right? Please, I want so desperately back to save my marriage. Please god, help me save my marriage, from the suffering hurt and heart ache. I love my marriage. Please help me restore my heart and for my Husband to restore his heart to the exact same way when he proposed to me, as that is when he could see my warm and loving heart. Miss him seeing me and my warm and loving heart.

I love and miss my Husband so badly!

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