Prayer to Save my home from foreclosure

by Samantha (South Africa)

Dear Lord

Thank you for keeping my home safe for the past few months. We have now fallen so far back into arrears on the home loan that the banks and their attorneys want to foreclose unless we can make the payments within the next three weeks.

I ask you Dear Lord to please provide the necessary finances for us to save our home before they come for it. It is the only home we have as we have no where else to go.

This is the first home that we had bought and in Your name we wish to keep it in our hands and family so that my children and my childrens’ children will have a home to come to when they are born. Please God, save my home as I also have a menagrie of pets who I cannot give away. It is their home too and they are my babies.

I now Lord that you will provide the means to save my home and that of others who are in the same position as my family and I. Thank you Lord for saving my home and the homes of others as I know you will.

I am forever grateful to you oh Lord!!!