Prayer to Save my Friendship & Marriage

Im writing this in asking for prayers a miracle really for my marriage and friendship. See my husband is my best friend we were always the couple who had a million pictures was always together.

Then as we set out in our first few years of marriage getting a house one that needed tons of work we started doing what we thought married couples were supposes to do. Soon we had consumed ourselves with jobs my husband working 3-4 doing projects and me school and chores we lost the whole meaning we lost each other.

My husband after bottling it all up for so long and after a small fight said he wanted a divorce he was done. He said i didnt appreciate him and he was unhappy. I feel horrible and though ive tried to apologize talk to him i feel his anger and frustration. I think we both just took on too much too fast and worldly things at that.

He has surrounded himself with alcohol non believers and made every attempt to block me out of his life…we are living apart at the moment and though my faith gets weary i pray he doesnt give up on our marriage that he doesnt run like he has done so much in his past…he is so angry right now i know only God can reach him…

id give up all the wordly possessions to just have my best friend back im scared losing hope but i cant stop trying please pray for a miracle to save our marriage from the divorce its headed towards..i dont know how much time is left..thank you.