Prayer to save my family

by Jnette (Philippines)

I am Jnette 34 years old married with 2 kids. My only prayer is that we as family be binded together in God’s love. I am a product of a broken family. my parents are separated. I suffered a lot because of this.

I grew up disperately and very eager for a fathers love. I never want this to happen to my children. However my marriage is falling and this is because of my jealousy and because my husband works abroad and very far from us, i think both of our love for each other is losing and fading.

I value a lot for my family…they are the reason of my existence. that is why i pray for a miracle that God will hold me and my husband hand in hand so that our marriage life would not be in vain and would not be despair. please help me pray that God will save my family….

thank you!


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  1. Pray the Rosary

    Pray the Rosary, full 15 decades every day for the salvation of yourself and your family.

    That is all.

    God love you~


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