Prayer to Save My Daughter’s Marriage

by Raj (Qatar)

Dear Lord,

Dear God, my elder daughter’s was not having a good married life due to her In-laws and her husband’s lack of love.
finally she happened to fall in love with another married man – she knew she was doing a big mistake and confessed everything to her husband. now she is not able to forget the other man and facing lots of family problems where she finally decided to kill herself and her daughter where we caught her in time.I am her mother who is totally upset and pray for my daughter and her family to give her strength to forget that man and lead a new life – where her husband is ready to forgive. please help me – pray for us and never let her do this same mistake again and lose her family life

I pray that who ever is involved with my daughter realizes the hurt and pain it has caused her family. I pray that who ever is involved understands the conflict that has come between them and that who ever it is, will have strength and be strong enough to let her go…for this I Pray.

Lord, I pray my daughter will also be strong and be able to let go,

please pray for me and for my grand daughter too
please i beg your prayers and let everything come back to normal.

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