Prayer to save my business & personal finances

Lord, I ask for your blessings and that you help save my business from financial failure. My wife and I have worked so hard to create a better future for our family and we find ourselves in heavy debt and at a point where we don’t know how we will get out of this.

We want to do the right thing and pay all of our financial obligations in full. However, it seems as though every time we take a step in the right direction we get pushed back once again. This situation is impacting our marriage, our health and our relationships with family & friends. We only ask that you clear the path for us so we can work ourselves out of this, we don’t expect a miracle and are willing to work to get out of this situation. Please shield us from negativity and clear our path from those that people or situations that act as road blocks. We want to fix our situation and help others in similar situations. We recognize and thank you for all that you have blessed us with already and never lose sight of that. We have faith in you Lord, and ask that use ease this burden for us. Please bless all others on this prayer request board as well. Amen. GGYG

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