Prayer to Save me, my wife and our marriage… I’m mortally afraid, St. Jude…hear my prayer

I pray that all of those deeply suffering and in true need in their darkest hour will have the miracle of intercession and grace. Miracles can happen. I pray for one now.

Oh most holy and beatific St. Jude. We all come to you for miracles. Prayers to you are made only in the times of greatest need and despair and I come to you now with a desperate and broken heart, and unceasing tears for more than 6 months now.

I repent to God for all I have done and truly hate my sins and have prayed for forgiveneswe s and now I pray again for mercy. Please pray for me, St. Jude. I am broken and fear for my life and sanity. Please pray for a great, imminent and powerful miracle to show itself true and full in my life.

St Jude I believe you can invoke a saving miracle and in particular you know my heart, and how desperately I need my wife, my beautiful Anna, my he to return fully, to be healed and for our lives to unite as one. Heal her. Please. Heal every broken place in her heart and mine and bind us together with the ribbons of love for eternity. Ask God to bind Satan and purge her of her sins and bring her to want truth, light and her true family that we created.

Save me, St. Jude. Please bring the miracles of love and joy and peace back to our lives. I promise you that I will always be devoted and never ever forget the power of your and God’s grace in my life. I promise to be forever grateful. Please oh St Jude, hope of the hopeless, bringer of miracles, please I beg you, I implore you please.

Please. Please. Help me. Pray for me and my marriage. Save us. I thank you for hearing my prayer. I give it all over to you. I believe. Please please bring this miraculous aid swiftly and visibly so that i may praise god and you with a gladdened and joyful heart. Thank you St Jude. Amen.

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