Prayer to Save Marraige from Divorce

by ARD (USA)

Oh Lord. You are sovreign and rule over everything in our lives. Please restore, reconcile, and/or give hope to my/our failing marraige of only 6 weeks. Oh, God of Mercy, show us guidance, direction, and discernment in the days/weeks to come so that we may know and live your will for our lives. Oh Jesus, I pray in your name, that you would bring us back together, and live more lovingly and glorious than ever for YOU, not just for ourselves and our selfishness, but that you would grant us peace in this life, and in this marraige. I beg of you oh God, not only my/our situation, but those listed here on this website as well. Lord, cause a miracle, sign, wonder, to happen, an event, circumstance, that will cause us all to know you are God and to realize your sovreignty rules. Oh God, come into our hearts and lives, and help us to cast out satan and his demons. God help us! I thank you for your love over us, and send your angels to deliver us from the Evil one. Oh Lord, save our marraige. Let you will be done in the days/weeks to come. AMEN

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