Prayer to Saint Jude for a broken heart to be repaired

by Clare (United Kingdom)

Dear Saint Jude

Please help to mend my broken heart that has been broken so many times by my estranged husband Kevin .
Please give me the strength to no longer cry or feel such complete despair at the hurtful words and deeds he says and does to me weekly.
Please give him the guidance to overcome the need ,he feels to hurt me.
Let him see that our unborn is a blessing not a curse and to show love and affection towards her not resentment and please guide him how to treat me with respect and support me not condemn me such a sad, depressive life.
Please Saint Jude let me no longer wake up each morning longing for him to contact me or want me but to enjoy not feeling the constant worry and dread of what he is doing, with who and why.
Please let me wake up tomorrow morning free of this emotional burden, I beg of you, Saint Jude 3 years is enough of a test of mental stability and my emotional well being .
Please keep my unborn daughter safe and let her bring love , joy and happiness to everyone who cares for her. I beg you to make Kevin see the error of his cruel actions towards my baby and with your help Saint Jude rectify them in the name of Our Lord.
Please pray for his soul and for him to redeem his ways for the better sooner rather than later.
Please pray for me and my unborn baby Olivia.