Prayer to Saint Joseph to help me sell my home and allow me to better care for my family

by Suzanne (Woodbridge, VA, USA)

Dearest Saint Joseph, I humbly ask you to help my family, in this, our hour of great need. I have tried to offer refuge to my dearly departed brother, and now that he’s in heaven, I’m in way over my head. Lord I know it’s partly my doing, but I pray that you might help me to sell off my first home so I can continue to out a roof over my children’s heads, and finally pay for the medical care that my eldest child needs.

I know I haven’t fully honored my dearly departed brother by providing him with his grave marker, and with your help, Saint Joseph, I will definitely be able to purchase his headstone. I am stretched beyond my limits, and even though I’m not wealthy, like my younger sister, I’m the child expected to constantly financially bail out my parents. I’m disabled and caring for three kids; kids who need a mom who isn’t so stressed out about struggling to make ends meet.

I also need to provide respite care for my two younger children, who are in dire need of a break from the constant sacrifices they must make, the need to walk around on eggshells just so they don’t set off the time bomb that is their mentally challenged sibling. I’m begging you, pleading with you, that you please aid me in selling my home as easily and painlessly as possible.

I have been struggling for 2 1/2 years paying for two homes, hoping to be able to help my brother out, but he died last spring, and I couldn’t get my realtor to put my home on the market until I spent even more money I don’t have, and I swear that I will never ever end up in debt again! I promise that I will put money away for my children’s futures and money in a secure place for my disabled son, so that he will be able to be cared for when I’m gone.

I would never have put my family into this position unless it wasn’t necessary- I needed a home I could get around in from my wheelchair, and now, if my first empty home isn’t sold quickly, I could end up losing it all.

I pray that Saint Jude hears my daily prayers, as I know I am a lost cause, and Saint Joseph, if you’ll please answer my prayers, you’ll have my word, my pledge, that I’ll work with others who can’t find a home and try to repay the kindness and generosity that has graced my life. I’ve even said that if I was ever in a position where money was no object, that I’d give my home to a deserving family, for a $1, because everyone should be able to have a place to call home.

I know I’m not in that position now, but if that ever changed, I’d still do that, and begin a life of charitable deeds. Thank you for hearing a debt laden, extremely stressed out, stomach full of ulcers and knots, mother of three amazing children, who just needs you and the lord on her side. Amen.

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