Prayer to Saint Joseph for Forgiveness, Protection

by Elizabeth (Norfolk, VA)

You have been available and attentive to me always. I have believed in you when I haven’t believed in anything else because you have never failed me.

Dear St. Joseph, tonight I am tearful and torn. My family is hurting from misunderstandings, selfishness, lack of compassion, pride. Evil has come between us, and it hurts horribly.

Dear friend of so many years, dear protector of all sons, daughters, and grandchildren, bless us tonight. Provide some miracle to draw the hearts of the children to the parents and the parents to the children of all three generations. Let not desires for revenge, feelings of jealousy or hatred fill our hearts tonight or ever. Let the proud and stubborn ask for help and proudly receive it. Let the ignorant be forgiven for the hurt they cause, including me. Enlighten us to the hurts we cause and give us the strength and humility to be respectful and empathetic. Help us all to respect and encourage each other as families ideally must.

Protect all suffering families today, dear Joseph, by asking your son and our Father for the miracles we need. Amen

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