Prayer to revive the love of my husband

by Better (Vannuys Ca)

Father, I am begging for Your mercy to please grant the grace to my husband to appreciate me and my worth as a loving and devoted wife & partner. It has been very disheartening and unjust that he suddenly fell out of love just because of petty fights and minor disagreements in the past. He is very firm with his decision to end our marriage and leave the family. Father, please do not allow this to happen. Please change his mind and his heart.

Deliver him from bad vices., bad friends, selfishness, lack of faith in You, pride, resentment, anger, hatred, worldly & earthly thoughts and intentions. Lord, pls give me back the same old man that I he used to be. Please restore the harmony, gentleness, care, mildness, compassion, peace, joy and contentment in our home and in our marriage. Please move him and deliver from from any worldly force that is causing to break us up. Lord, send Your holy spirit to move him and realize the value of this relationship and to bring back the love in his heart for me & our family.

Father, You can feel my pain & my sorrow and You know how pure my intentions are Dear Lord. Please bless our union Father. Keep us together forever. Pls make a way & allow us to forgive & accept eachother mutually and respect the vows we made to eachother. Please cast out anything & anybody who causes him to disrespect the relationship . I am begging for Your mercy Lord. I claim that You will answer my prayers in the name of Jesus Chirst, my Lord & my Savior. Amen