Prayer to reverse this pending divorce

by Anonymous ()

heavenly father my heart is hardened against my wife who left me while she was pregnant.Lord i know within my heart, I did everything to love her Yet she appeared to be ungrateful.Only you know her heart and also mine.You are a merciful and forgiving god and I ask you to help me pray the correct prayer to you o god .I do not want to humiliate myself by asking the wrong thing. I place this predicament in your hands o lord to fix this situation I am not certain if she has divorce me nor do i have a relationship with the child.You are a Just god and i would like you to reveal things to me that drove her away from me.If this is a misunderstanding or some demonic interference,I ask that you fight and conquer those spirit of division and divorce.Each day o god I ache with pain that I cant explain.If you need to work on her heart and mine then i would stand aside and witness your miracle .Give me peace oh god and i ask that you guide her to you.I thank you o god to take my burden ,allow us to follow your lead.As a firm believer in marriage o lord,I ask that you break this yoke of divorce and let your work be seen in this predicament.Allow me not to hold any grudge to those that aided her in with poor advise.Help me not to be vengeful but to forgive those that trespass against me in the same way when i trespass against your will.I thank you o god to listen to our heart o god We are aching and do believe that you can create a miracle of reconciliation in your time in your season.Thank you my lord to take the case its in your hands now…amen.

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