Prayer to Reverse a Driver’s License Suspension

Please, St Jude, pray for me because I’ve been involved in a 1.5 yr legal issue where I saw charged with Refusal to Chemical Test but I have asthma and documented diminished lung capacity, but no one will acknowledge that they have made a mistake.

After 9 days of praying the Novena and losing my 2nd appeal, I received a call from the licensing dept trying to help me. However, I still need help from one other person who hasn’t returned my calls. This is a tragedy because I am a sales rep and drive for a living and I need to get this resolved.

I also need to get a divorce and cannot drive as of Friday at all. Please pray for me to get this suspension reversed. My entire life and career hangs in the balance. St Jude I will remember your intercession for me and your miracles and I will take you as my Patron Saint and gently encourage faith and belief in you.