Prayer to Reunite with my significant other

by Nelissa (New York)

My significant other and I frequently get into little unnecessary arguments and he holds his speech for some time. We’ve been together for2 years but known each other since birth.

Recently we have been drifting apart and he seem to not be making an effort to cherish what we have, I know he loves me and the feeling is the same with me.

I have two children involved and he plays the role of their father as well as the financial support. I pray alot for our relationship and also continuously ask god to join us together as one.

I hate it when he’s bitter with me (now)so i’m praying that god can soften his heart and speak to him so that he may realize I am worthy of his love. In the two years i’ve been a strong support sysytem for him helping him to start a home improvement corporation.

Please i’d really appreciate prayers for my situation