Prayer to Reunite with my former colleagues and to Come back to My Second Home

by Diane (Philippines)

Dear Lord, I truly believe in your miracles. As you gave me the opportunity to see the other side of life, I realized how hard it is that at times, circumstances require you to swallow your pride and forget about your principles and Christian values. Thank you so much for not letting me stay longer in this kind of situation. I consider the opportunity to work in Ruidoso as a great salvation from your compassionate heart. That in itself is already a huge unexpected miracle. But my dear Lord, I am begging you once again, seeking for another miracle. Please knock on the compassionate heart of my former boss that she may allow me to go back to my former workplace for the few months that I will be staying in PI before I leave for another journey in USA. How I fervently pray to reunite with them all. They have been my second family. I regret those times when I was with them that I wasn’t able to fully express my love, and appreciation towards them. Had I not been separated from them, I wouldn’t realize that they are great blessings to me. I know nothing is impossible with you for as long as you will it.Thank you Lord. I feel happy and secured knowing that you will always be there for me.

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