Prayer to reunite with family

by J (Karnataka)

please pray for me, lord jesus i beg u, and i sincerely confess my sins and mistakes in front of you, due to my love marriage issue my dad left me from 4 years i am living like a stone. crying every second, for my family, for my parents, i didn’t see my dad from 4 years, even i didnt go home for 4 years.

My dad declared me as dead, forgive me for my sin for hurting my parents lord, at least now forgive me and reunite me with my family, 15 days back i gave birth to a baby boy with your blessings lord, we need my child need my parents blessings, i am alone, totally living with kid, unable to handle my kid, i need my mom, can’t bear such pains lord,

Please show some mercy on me, change my dads mind and heart , free him from negative thoughts and feelings kept in his mind and heart, please deliver my dad with his anger towards me amen, lord as u promised ask u will receive i ask in ur name lord please send me now to my parents house, as i need them.

I am in very painful situation, the situation and circumstances are very worst that my dad didnt forgive me, but i believe u jesus, nothing is impossible for u, lord jesus i beg u , please cool my dad, make him feel and show mercy on me, let my dad allow my mom to help me at this stage, lord with lot of tears and in painful situation i am sending you such prayer requests.

Please respond to my prayer request, hear my heartaches, hear my cry lord, i beg you please send a miracle of peace and console me by giving excuses from my dad side, pls lord hold me at this moment, and lord me and my child are very hungry, i am very weak unable to cook for myself, unable to feed my son also, lord feeding is such painful for me, lord please u take care of my child amen, please lord help me ,do miracle for me and send down some drops of mercy from heaven let my dad start thinking about me at this moment only, lord let him speak to me lord, please reunite me with my family, lord let my parents bless my son, in ur name i pray lord jesus amen,.

Feeling so much pain in my breast lord please lord feed my child console him i became very weak lord help me lord save me jesus amen,dad forgive me allow me to home ,lord jesus do miracle and change my tearful and painful lonely life , save me , i ur name i pray this jesus amen.

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  1. Thank you lord

    Dear heavenly father I thank you for listening and opening your heart to our every need father I know that you hear our cries of hurt and pain Lord I ask that you help this child find her family open the father’s heart and give her a sense of comfort to know that he truly loves her but is hurt himself father I also ask that you bring this girl back to her father so they can begin to build once again let him know that he has a grandchild who is in need of his love and comfort and we ask all of this in Jesus name amen!

  2. Unite the Family

    Heavenly Jesus, You ca do everything .there is nothing impossible . Please help her father to cool down show your ways are different than his ways. Help him to change his mind and accept his daughter in this very special need. The baby is innocent please you speak to him and solve this proble. Unite the famaily in your name . Amen

  3. The Lord's Ears are Open to Your Cry

    Dear Heavenly Father please hear the prayer of this broken child. She is a mother but still a child who needs help from You. She is cold and hungry. I know you love her and the tiny baby. Wrap them in Your love dear Father, warm them in Your arms, have mercy on her and please hear and answer her prayer. Send Your Angels to minister to her. Please soften her father’s heart. He has been hurt by this child and is having a hard time forgiving her.

    Please open his eyes to see she is suffering right now and needs his help and forgiveness. In Jesus Name I ask you in your mercy to hear and answer.

    Thank You Lord! Amen

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