Prayer to reunite with ex boyfriend

Father, I ask you to reach out to my ex-boyfriend, I think he may have lost his way from you. He is a Christian and for the most part a good man. He is a greek and I am English. Ultimately the culture difference came between us, in the form of family not approving of my single mother-hood and friends that teased.

That and his jealousy which in the end turned to infidelity. I believe more and more all the time he has his demons and he has turned to cannibis daily for comfort. I pray for you to let him come to me as i cannot go there to him, my children must come first. Sadly he once told me that he didnt think he could have children.. therefore my children could have been his blessing too. I pray for him but myself also because im sure that the love is still there for both of us but he has only himself to think of ultimately. And the truth is I dont know how to reach him because he used to lie often,

I think it is a sign of his deep unhappiness. If it is your will please reunite us as lovers soon.. he is the one that asked me if i knew of you and i listened because he was beautiiful and hard working and generous and loving even with his imperfections.

Truth is i dont know we are right for each other but i know he is the only one that i ever wanted to marry, and stay loyal to. He changed my life and even though we have seen each other since (and not slept together) and the years have passed i think he may be thinking of me as much as i think of him and we still have the love.

I want him to the point that i need him, but i love him and my children enough and myself and you to know that whatever life throws at me you wll be there. I pray for us to have another oppurtunity and that you may open his eyes and ears and heart to the big world outside his tiny little island. i pray that his family especially his mum would not disown him and that my faults in relationships by fault of my own are forever changed. i pray that forever you will let us be supported by each other and us guided by you.

I love him so much but more than anything i want him to be genuinely happy, even though it hurts to think that might not be with me. please remind me of this when i see him again because truth be told it tears me up, and i dont have to think about him at all.. he is always in my thoughts. I pray for your forgiveness and love, for both of us seperately and together.

make me humble enough to know when i am right or wrong. make my blunt words more considerate and compassionate but not mistaken for weakness. please dont let me fall when i have so much to carry.

please help me move on one way or another. You and you only have the power to help us and i know you’re listening now. I pray for change dear Lord, in Jesus name AMEN

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  1. bring my ex back in my life forever

    Please pray for me to bring my ex back in my life .I love him so much .I can’t love anyone else except him.I didn’t even saw him for 1and 1/2 year nor even heared his voice don’t even know howz he…I did everything to bring him back but was not successful please bring him back please Jesus.amen

  2. lupe and rudy

    Please pray that me and the love of my life. Will get back together again. It’s been 1 and a half year since I’ve seen him. I pray we will for give each other for the hurt we cause each other. Please god let him fine goodness in his heart for me. I pray in Jesus name amen.

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