Prayer to reunite us

by Ger (Ireland)

O blessed St Jude. Please hear my prayer. I have never wanted or prayed as much for anything in my whole life.

As i have in the last 5 weeks since my girlfriend broke up with me. She is all i ever wanted and i love her with all my heart. Please St Jude let us be soon reunited. Let it be your will and the will of god that we will be reunited and live a happy life together. I will make one last attempt to reunite with her tomorrow. Please let it be fruitful.

And i promise to praise you St Jude and all other saints that have helped me. I know i am only a sinner but i beg forgiveness for my wrong doings. I dont believe i ever wronged her and if i did i ask forgiveness. I promise if we get back together to say the daily rosary. And that i will always look after her and do my best to provide for her. Let it be your will St Jude. Amen
Your faithfull servant Ger.