Prayer to reunite me with my girlfriend

Please pray that I am reunited with my girlfriend Rebecca, she is my partner for life. She is strong and committed to me. She has been swayed by fear and doubt.

Please eliminate anything that comes between us and let our love shine through keeping us together to be stronger. My she come to me before Christmas and our relationship be relieved of any difficulties.

May our communications be clear and our love for one another be strong for each other. For all those who pray for us may you all be blessed.


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  1. Loosing my girlfriend

    Dear Lord jesus christ,
    i need you right now more than ever i feel deeply wounded,
    my girlfriend Marie who lives away now is showing signes of detachement ,
    I went overseas just after Christmas to get engaged to her. Its been 2 month now and i feel abandoned and im terrified to loose her Lord
    Lord you are my saviour please save me Jesus
    May your will be done.
    You know what i have been through and you have always been there.
    So today i call out to you lord i cry out to you lord
    Help me Help Marie
    Help us find eachother again
    give me your divine inspiration to overcome this situation and your strength to face theses times of sorrow.
    Forgive my sins lord and hear my prayer its straight from my heart to you
    I know you are the only one who can make every thing right again
    My dear lord i don’t know how much more i can take .please have pity for me as i am a sinner,
    I am no one to negociate with you Lord
    But i promess you to go more to church,
    to pray more,
    To be more devoted to your sacred heart
    To do more rosaries
    To do more good to others
    To help more the needy

    And finaly lord if you act now ,i promess to praise your glory in the morning and give thanks at night everyday for the rest of life ,as long as i dont forget
    Lord also help me not forget!

    I love you lord
    i need to feel your presence within my heart
    So bless me Jesus .
    Bless my girlfriend Marie
    Bless our union
    I know you’re coming to save me
    I ask you to save our union

    I know you are coming
    I cant wait .

  2. help me

    i pray for my friend to reunite back with me she is so amazing has nice personality very respectable kind hearted caring loving

  3. if his words were true

    dear st yerasimos jesus and god and mary and all the holly saints of gods love and miracles. please send my true love back to my heart and arms by the early sign of lite today. unite our pain. bring back my joy and fullfillment. forgive my stupidity for not trusting and his for playing child crule games with my heart. our love goes beyond this tests of pain and mind games. make him see that im the lite to his whole world and without me he is no where complete. please dear god forgive us both for all the wrong we do. guide us back to our true love and madness we have. make him reach out to me by phone.make him take me back with great fite. and the first time we met.make him a good man with great clean love and a clean loving true honest heart only for me forever .reunite our dreams of love kindness and life o be blessed by you almity god and lord sweet jesus. make a miracle for my painful heart to jump with joy today that spy will return to my world again,and this time to stay and for me to be brave and move in with him. and we live so happily ever after, thank you so much dear god for your blessing and time. forgive me for all my sins and the sins i hope i never get to do from this moment on till the day i die, amen.god bless us all. and those in heart felt love loss pain. we have faith in you dear god and lord jesus.

  4. Prayer for reunification with ex girlfriend

    Dear God, Please pray for me and my ex girlfriend, so that we may find love once more. We are going our best to improve our lives right now and seeking self love at the same time. I am desperate, lonely and in pain from the breakup and seek peace, love, patience and strength. Amen.

  5. Reunite with my ex

    Please pray for me , me and my ex broke up for a second time and I’m scared I am going to lose her . She is truly the love of my life and we both were perfect for eachother . I pray that she will come back and we will have the relationship like we used to . Amen

  6. Prayer to reunite and restoration for the love of my life

    I miss my ex-boyfriend. I love him so much but his jealous ex broke us apart. We were close to getting engaged. We don’t communicate or even see each other. The love is still there. I need this bad luck to be removed from my life. I want us to be happy. We were good together. No one has ever made me feel this way. Pray that all attacks of the enemy put against us be destroyed. In Jesus Name. Everything taken from me shall be restored.

  7. Want my girlfreind back

    As the saying goes, there are plenty of fish in the sea.
    But out of them all, only one, caught my eye with glee.
    It is you, I cannot replace.
    It is you, that I want to embrace.
    I desire to share my life with you,
    I can’t help not think our love was true.
    Yes, we’ve come across that treacherous road,
    that broke us apart and had us implode.
    It shattered our love, it pushed us away.
    Its something I regret,a price I’ve had to pay.
    But our love was true, was it not?
    I guess our frustration, had us forgot?
    I said before, that I was commited to you.
    I’d never thought, one day we’d be through.
    I am solemnly sorry for the hurt you felt,
    that suddenly made our love for each other melt.
    I see you want to focus on your career,
    but am I really holding you back, if I am close and near?
    You were a huge part of my world, my life,
    someone who’d I thought one day be my wife.
    Our love was real, it wasn’t fake.
    Seeing us apart, just makes my heart ache.
    Our love was true, it wasn’t a lie.
    I am committed to you, I don’t want to say goodbye.

    I desire a future with you, the one I love.
    I mean all the things that I mentioned above.
    I will give you time, I will give you space,
    Lets take it slow, a steady pace.
    When you’re ready, I want one more chance,
    to share with you our former romance.
    I love you with all my heart.
    Hopefully together we’ll have a new beginning, a new start

  8. I need a prayer

    My girlfriend has lived with me for 2 years and decided to break up with me due to problems were going through.. I just want her back home because I love her dearly and it seems impossible to talk to her.. i am in need of a prayer. I believe god will help me

  9. pray for me

    i know how it feels to be parted from sumone whom we believe as the only reason for our feels like as if the earth is being dragged out beneath our u people, i also loved a gal,as truely as it can started from mutual attraction n took us to the point where there is no way of retreat,atleast for me.we oathed in the name of every holy thing that exist in the world that we shall never part.but later i came to know that her parents were extremely displeased with her n she cant defy her obligations to she said,”it wd be good for me if we seperate,plz understand”.n dats how ended all my close friends said, dont worry everything fades away with time, but believe me ,the only thing that time is doing is adding more agony.thats why,with a lot of grief in my heart,i came here amongst u people,i came here to plead that plz pray for me so that god ends dis endless suffering.may god reunites all of u with ur lost love.

  10. girfriend away

    i know what all of you are feeling. i ve been in the same situation twice. fortunately my girlfriend has returned. however she is on a holiday and i feel so alone again. pray to God that if it is his will, may you reunite asap.

    also pray for me so that when she comes back, we will be stronger more than ever.


  11. In need of a prayer

    I’m in need of a prayer. My girlfriend got very distant with me and i asked her if everything was alright and she said it’s complicated. I’ve heard from several friends she is breaking up with me, but she has not yet told me after. We are both christians and we go to church regularly together. We were under the influence that GOD brought us together for a reason and with God’s help and grace nothing could become the love we shared between each other. Now i feel like there is peace of my heart missing. Please pray for me.

    Thank you

  12. lost loves

    I am also in the same boat I broke up with my boyfriend due to problems that we were too stubborn to talk through…I miss him more and more every day. I feel he is my soulmate and we were brought together for a reason…I’m starting to pray every day as many times as I can for everyone who wants their loves back…in your name WE pray…


  13. missing my baby

    Please pray for me I lost my girlfriend tracy I miss her so much ..she was taken away by jealous friends who spread lies about me to her.we had a beautiful relationship and spiritual connection such an amazing feeling….miss her so much I think about her everyday she is in my heart always ..I want to feel happy again having her by myside .

  14. reunite us

    Struggling now myself. Just want her back in my life..depression has set in. I pray for the impossible to become possible..

  15. Prayer

    I will pray for you God can make the impossible possible if you truly believe. Also pray that my relationship is restored

  16. I need immediate Prayer!

    Hi my name is Nancy and I need your prayers. I fell in love with someone during a trekking trip in Spain. Unfortunately, fear got in my way therefore I kept pushing this man away to the point where I did something senseless in front of him.

    I want to restore his love for me. Please pray for me.

    thank you,


  17. Praying 4 u...

    My Friend,

    I know very well wat ur going thru rite now… believe me I’m also sailing in the same boat…
    My GF also left me nt b’coz she dint like me, but b’coz she was in doubt & scared of the problems that may crop up later…
    Lets Pray 2gether 2 Our Heavenly Father, to heed our Prayers & supplications…
    He has promised us that, “when 2 or 3 gather in my name, I’ll be there in their midst…”

    GOD Bless !!!

  18. My prayers will raech her

    in Jesus name, she will come back. I will include u in my prayers as i pray tonight.

  19. My prayers

    I will pray for you. My girlfriend who broke up with me was also named Rebecca and she left because of fear and anxiety that filled her heart, similar to your situation. We both want the same thing so let us pray together that our hearts may heal and each Rebecca return to our lives and hearts.

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