Prayer to Reunite Me with My Dog

by O'deal (Cape Town, South-Africa)

Dear God

I have tried to forget a chapter in my life that have caused me so much hurt and pain but the one thing I cannot seem to let go is the unconditional love I have shared with my puppy Chloe.

You know my heart Lord; I want to see her again. She is still alive and missing me on this earth. I feel it every single day. It has been exactly 1 year since I saw her due to awkward circumstances but I want her back in my life and I will LOVE to see her again, touch her, play with her. I wanna feel her breath on my face, her licking. I want to see her do the tricks she use to do when we hang out. I want to run with her. I want to bath her, brush her and just show her how much love I still have for her. I want her to be apart of my life physically.

Lord open up the way so that Chloe and I can find each other again please.

She is, was and always will be in my heart and I will love her till eternity.

I need a miracle please Lord.

I pray this in Thy Holy name.


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