Prayer to reunite and reconcile with loved one

by Jose (California)

Please Lord, hear my request. I am requesting that the person who I loved and loved me reunite and reconcile with me. In 2008 the love of my life and I broke up since that day I have felt depressed and have prayed for her return.

before the brake up my relationship with God was not strong. soon after we broke up I started to pray and read the bible. about three months later we got back into communication but didn’t reconcile. we lost communication and since then I have prayer every day to numerous saints along with numerous different prayers and yet she has not returned.

I always pray with faith but I need help. So please help Yasmin forgive me Jose and let her get back into communication with me and let us reunite and reconcile the once happy relationship we had. I appreciate you guys for reading this and hope that you pray alongside me.

Thanks again

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  1. Reunite my best friend LLR

    Please pray that the Holy Spirit will tender my best friend’s that he will talk with me. We both allowed satan to abort what God had planned for us to do for his glory. I pray God will remove a certain person who is a bad influence on my best friend to be removed from his life. I have ask God to forgive me for my own actions that contributed to the break up. Thank you all for the much needed prayers. RKR

  2. Chance

    If you ever get a second chance with the ‘one special person’ in your life, by all means take it and make every moment count. I pray multiple times a day for a chance to reconcile with my ex, and all I hear for now is ‘yes, but not now’, so I have faith, yet I am impatient as is anyone else grappling with the loss of my partner and love. I am taking the time to learn all I can about my faith, communication, where I made mistakes in the relationship with a truly beautiful person. I miss him very much every hour, and there is not a minute he is not in my thoughts. I hope and pray for reconciliation, and know it will likely not feel the same as before, but that is likely good as there was a reason we broke up. I want a new relationship with my ex, to build on the good elements of our love and friendship and make it a stronger and better relationship for each of us. I know God is listening and working to answer my prayers. He is the one who led us to meet in the first place.

  3. pray he comes back

    i was in a loving relationship with a good man but family interference broke us up …i have prayed and prayed to get him back..he just started a new relationship ..but said he still loves me and always will just couldnt come back to they old life we had…i tried to tell him i changed but what can i do please help me

  4. Lost love

    I hope you get her back I prayed every day in church for six months but she never returned I met someone very beautiful any it was great but she cheated on me a few times a think about five times the last time she went off with him I prayed for her to return But then my first came back to me after eight years she told me she prayed to the angels for me her request came true and mine but after eight years but I don’t love her like my cheating ex strange but true maybe the angels are really looking after me for not answering my prays for the cheater

  5. prayer to reunite

    ooh lord my God i come unto you,i ask for forgiveness wherever i have gone wrong,my father,i do pray God that you restore our relationship with Boaz the man i love soo much,past one week we have not been communicating well due some petty mistake and he has been blaming me,lord hear my prayer so that our relationship will leed to marriage has he had promised me to go to his parents then my parents.Let everything we planned GOD come true when you restore our relatioship. Thank you lord and hear my prayer.Amen

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