Prayer To Reunite A Family

by Dylan Sparkman (Bozeman, MT)

Dear Lord,

You are the Most High, as You exist above us all. Only You have the power to move mountains, only You have the power to change hearts. O Lord, please remove sin from me. I will let my sin die. Let my heart only seek You. O Lord, I have hurt my family. I have hurt You. Despite my promises, I wandered. Why does this heart of mine go astray? Please teach me to always follow You. I will guard my heart Lord. I will follow You.

Lord, I don’t need a sign. I truly do need a miracle. It seems impossible to win the love of my family back. But in You, all things are possible. I will fight to honor You. When enemies come against me, I will prevail. When scoffers scoff, when I am knocked down, when I lose all control. Truly Lord, if it is Your will; I will fight.

What I ask, You already know. Let me declare my hopes, and pray that my hopeful nature will not conflict with Your plan. O God above all else, please, take all that I am and make me a new person. Change my heart, and change the heart of my partner. Please reunite us, and bring our family together. There’s no question, I am a fool.

But even a fool can honor You.

So let my words convict me. Let my zeal be full, but only for You. Whatever is Your plan, I will follow. All day and night, without a family, I can only focus on You. When You, My Lord, bring my family back, O God please do not ever let me focus on anything than You. I want to live a life to honor You. I will live that life. I want to build a house for You, a sanctuary for You, and a family for You. I will build for You.

Guard the hearts of my family, as I above all else, guard my heart. I pray to hold my family quickly. I pray to kiss my partner. Yes, it seems impossible, but what I know is this: I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

Yes, I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned to face both plenty and hunger, abundance and need.

Please unite my family.

With all the love that I possess,

In Your Son’s name, I pray.


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