Prayer to return to school and get a better job

by Martine (New York)

Glorious Saint Jude

I come to you with my heart filled with pain and my mind filled with confusion. for the past two years my life has been stuck and I cant seem to move forward. everytime I take one step forward it seems like I take two steps back. I know there is nothing impossible with God on my side therefore I am asking for you most powerful intercession to open up the doors for me and find a path to success in my life.

God please listen to my prayers and my dying desire to go back to school to earn my second degree. I would be so thankful lord if you answered my prayers. I am barely making ends meet and would appreciate an opportunity to make more money to take care of my family. o most holy virgin Mary please hear my prayer and intercede in my favor.

St Jude you are the hope of the hopeless I am hopeless and loss and need a miracle. I believe in that through your intercession God will hear my prayers and grant my petitions. I humbly ask this for the good of all humanity. in the name of Jesus Christ, I pray Amen.

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  1. To feel that hope and courage to move forward with confidence

    The Lord is always by our side we just need to keep on believing in him and all faith wil be be restored for we are often distracted,but keep believing and everything will be restored,I believe in u O lord hear me ,
    Lord graciously hear me.

  2. May You have Peace and Light

    Lord, it is so arduous to be in this position. It is so frightening and fraught with shame to feel so lost and hopelsss. We are so hard on ourselves and so araid that we won’t measure up. I know all about it… So, give these souls the peace they need to be kind to themselves. Give them a hand up in their careers and futures. Help them to not compare themselves to others and to realize their potential.This prayer is for all people of all ages who lose faith in themselves. Make a path for them and give them hope ans light in their souls. Amen.

  3. I feel it

    I hv come here to pray for the same reason.. Since 3 yrs my life has been a mess and want to gain a degree.. My family has lost hope in me and I hv on myslf.. I pray to god for u aswell.. I hope ur prayer is granted. God bless!

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