Prayer to return my loved to me again

by Urn (Malaysia)

Dear heavenly Father ,

I pray that you would hear my pray and help me out of this relationship problem .It’s been our fears and insecurities that broke us apart. We had broke up about 1 month in the issue of I’m not a christian on that time and we are unhappily with our different thought. But you know my Lord, he has shaken me from a free thinker and going to become a christian.

But still , he want to leave me and stop half way , he said that he still have feeling towards me but he confused on being with me , he says if we are meant to be, let wait for God tell us His will’s .
Dear Lord, this pain is unbearable. please forgive me for my actions that pushed him away. I know I’m wrong , you see and you know all. I have begun to see the light that come from you my Lord, I’ve realized what’s right and Im doing it with my promised but he hasn’t seen.

So God ,please opens his eyes and his heart again in me, the girl that he once loved. With your blessing, I know Ian and I can live out the love story you have written for us.
My dear Father, what’s your will on let us been broke apart is understood and accepted , I know you want me to really take you as my Lord and bring you to my life and want me back from sin.

My dear Father, I’ve got your meaning . So please help us works things out and be able to give it another one more chance to bring a happy relationship. I love him and I miss him so much , we ended so abruptly and I felt we deserve a second chance my Lord. Please send my love to me again with your will and I will really treasure it with my whole heart.

My dear God, please show your mercy on us and help us bond us and our love together again.We’ll be so grateful and works on having a more faithful foundation in our relationship.
In the name of Jesus I pray. AMEN !

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