Prayer to Restore the friendship

by J (Philippines)

Lord I have recently left a friend without realizing I cannot live without him. Please Lord we have a wonderful relationship and I don’t want to just waste that all because of my sudden emotions, Lord please whisper to him and tell him how much I want our friendship back.

Please whisper to him that we can always start a new beginning. Please Lord remind him of the good memories we shared. I have already apologized to him and i can feel that he doesn’t fully accept my apologize. Lord make him forgive me for all the words I have said, for the emotions I failed to control, Lord I promise that if he will come back again I will be forever thankful and will do everything to keep him.

I soooo love my friend, Lord please I cant live another day without him. Lord I am desperately asking you to give him back to me, I will take care of our relationship and that I promise. In Jesus name. Amen.

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  1. God make a way

    May god hear your request and grant it according . He is all willing and can make the impossible become possible, trust believe and have faith. In Jesus name Amen.

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