Prayer to restore relationship

by Sushila (Suva,Fiji)

Dear Lord Jesus. Im waiting for a miracle in my life so that my relationship is restored back.

Deliver me from this pain

Since 4 months my boyfriend makes me cry every day. Now he has completely stopped talking to me, because his parents did witchcraft on him to separate us.

We were supposed to get married this month. But Lord Jesus I forgive him for the
things which he did to me. Because I love him so much that it hurts to live without him.

O’ miraculous Lord please touch his heart and turn his heart to me.

Please Lord make him come back to me in Jesus’ name. I just want to be with him. Lord Jesus grant my this humble petition and for whole of my life I will be grateful to you.Bless me and give strength.

Lord I give my life and my boyfriend’s life into your loving hands and your care. My soul is hurting. I have been through so much in my life. I really love this person and want to spend rest of my life with him.

Please help me.

Please Lord let this be my Christmas gift in Jesus’ name.


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  1. Anonymous says:
    In all things, I give You thanks and praise.

    Father, thank you for Jesus! I praise you in this current storm I am in. You promised to prosper and give us a hope and a future. You are the giver of all things good.

    Father, you blessed me with a relationship with a wonderful man. Now it seems to be over and you know the pain of this loss. I know you are saddened that I hurt.

    Father, I now come to you boldly to ask you to forgive me of all my sin and anything else that keeps you from hearing my cries for mercy and answer to my prayer.

    You said, ask and it will be given, seek and you will find, knock and it shall be answered. So, today Father, I remind you of your promises and ask you to consider my heart. Please restore and reconcile this wonderful man, Greg, that you blessed my life with.

    It’s with an expectant heart that I thank you for answering my prayer. I believe in you Father to do great supernatural miracles in my situation. In Jesus Name.

  2. Anonymous says:
    restore my relationship

    i’ve been seperated from my wife now for 6 months it hurts so much because i still love her dearly we have three kids together and they want me to come home i miss them so much,lord please ease my pain,i still see love in my wifes eyes and i can still feel her love please lord jesus i put my marriage in your hands and in your loving heart and please before christmas please turn my wifes hurt and mind around and bring us back together

  3. Anonymous says:
    restore my relationship

    i’ve been seperated from my wife now for 6 months it hurts so much because i still love her dearly we have three kids together and they want me to come home i miss them so much,lord please ease my pain,i still see love in my wifes eyes and i can still feel her love please lord jesus i put my marriage in your hands and in your loving heart and please before christmas please turn my wifes hurt and mind around and bring us back together

  4. Anonymous says:
    to restore me my kids in boyfriend

    Dear god i begging you to hear my prayer father god o ask you to back my kids lytrelll and william in to bring back thd noy ive been wit almost.3yearz with father please touch vontrell heart in bring him back my kids too father please bring them home to me father in the name of Jesus amen

    Touch his heart mind in body in soul my father bring them home to me please

  5. Anonymous says:
    love of my lirfe

    dear lord i pray for my fiance mike for healing of acohol and low self -esteem . lord i pray to u for restoration of mike life . lord rebuke the spirit of addiction from mike,s life and give him a new start . lord i love him and i want to be with him . i have not heard from him in three days . he wanted to get drunk. please help lord , my trust is in you and i know this is nothing for you to do because u are mighty. lord give mike a new begning and lord i promise to keep our relationship and family before you in everthing we do. i will serve you faithful. this is the desire of my heart. i ask these things be granted in the names of jesus. thank u lord for answering my pray.

  6. Anonymous says:
    Lord help

    Lord restore my relationship of 7yrs please hes gone down the wrong path please bring him back to me please please. I dont want to see him get into serious trouble please lord restore us back together again lord i want him back and i need him back i ask u in ir mighty name of jesus i pray amen…

  7. Maxx phaltual says:
    PLEASE PRAY FOR ME All i need is a lasting love forever lasting love!

    Why loving someone hurts so much???I am in loved with my childhood friend and we are seperated now because she cheated me,she had another boyfriend, she used to promise me that she will love me forever no matter what happened,i trust her with all my heart since we are in loved more than 6 long years,i really really love her so much, i cried everytime i think about her i can’t sleep,i can’t eat,i don’t know what to do i want to be happy i want to be the same old person like i used to be,sometime we argue sometime we apart but we used to loved each other again the next day,may be because am so young to love that i cant make her happy the way she expected…but she is the apple of my eye, i love her i want her to come back in my life like before we used to be please GOD make understand the difficulty i face in my life i know that she will not come to me again but i put my faith in you JESUS AMEN !

  8. #40 says: and a.s.b

    oh my father i give you thanks nad praise everyday of my life,but lord god please give me back my arlene,i made a mistake but i love her so much…im a change person please my god,shes my life lord,i lover arlz more than anything..i beg you with my all my god please the name of the father and son and the holy spirit……….amen

  9. shankar says:
    restore relationship

    Dear God,

    Please touch her heart and turn to me..

    My girlfriend mun, i love her very much but 1yr before we separated. still i love her..

    i am sorry.. please come back.. i m waiting for u..

    please.. please.. please..


  10. Anonymous says:
    Second Chance

    Holy Faher I cry out to you, u made Adam for Eve, Lot ffor Sarah, Boaz for Ruth, I paray thar u made Darrell Rowell for Cheryl Hayes, I pray that any and all attacks are stopped in your holy name!thst u restore, rebuild and new relationship thar honor u Lord! I thank you GOD, AND I PRAISE YOUR NAME AMEN!

  11. Maria says:

    i completely understand how you feel. it is really painful…the last time i saw my boyfriend was on christmas, and then he called me again two weeks ago ! we saw each other, and from the next day, silence again. i went to church several times through Easter…i cry and i am in pain every single day..i pray to God for salvation…i have no other strenght. i feel weak. i will pray for you too my friend. God with you !!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I also had a relationship with this person that asked me to marry him several times and answered him yes every time he asks me… we had a long distance relationship for 8 mos. and he always asks me to keep in touch with him and his family and with all my love im doing it all for him.. because i know ho w it felt to be away from your loved ones..he always tells me he loves me and he misses me so much and wanted to go home with me already. but then here comes a temptation that he was not able to avoid and got somebody pregnant, he did not plan to be with that person and that he told me that girl is agreed even if he will not marry her because the girl is aware that he is in a relationship with me and she knows that we are getting married anytime soon.He came back home after 8 long months.. we were able to be together for just some 5 days?? But then suddenly everything turned bad.. my boyfriend doesn’t call me or text me at all and i got the news from his family that he is not even talking to them, he is just sitting down, sleeping, then eat a bit then sit down then sleep…. i came to reach out and talk with him but we didn’t had a good talk… until he has decided not to go on with me anymore… but i think he is not pursuing the other girl too, maybe he just wants to be alone to think about it… i don’t know what to do but to always pray for him and pray for us.. for our second chance because i can still accept him even if he did this to me, he knows it but he is ashamed at the same time fearful that if we continue this relationship we had what he did will always become an issue and will cause us to fight… but for me i have a positive thought that instead of fighting this will make us keep each other, and make this relationship stronger…

    i pray that we could all restore our seemingly ended relationships… may God be with us all.

  13. Maria says:



  14. mae says:
    ill pray for you

    I am going through the same situation. I’ll pray to God to heal our hearts and restore our relationship with the person we love. Through God’s good grace and mercy, our relationship with the one we love will be restored. In Jesus name, AMEN

  15. Anonymous says:
    i read your prayer

    I really can feel your pain. I live exactly the same situation. His mother broke us apart. We were supposed to get married. We were engaged. I read your pray and i am crying. I will also pray for you. I am sure that He will leasen to you. just have faith and be strong. i know it is painfull and harmfull. but have patience. i hope for the best.

  16. Anonymous says:
    I hear ya

    I will pray for you also. One positive thing that comes from any cross that God hands us is the ability to help someone else with that same situation. I still love a friend who abandonded me. I know how people say to let it go and move on. I have prayed for that also, but so far I still miss him everyday. I sometimes feel like the father of the prodigal son who watched and waited for the son he loved to come home. I just don’t think God will ever bring him back to me, just to speak to me. I know the pain of losing someone, so I know how heartwrenching it is. I will keep you in my prayers. Thank you for posting. It really helped me to read that someone else is in the same boat as me, so I don’t feel so alone anymore. Hang in there. God works everything out for the good.

  17. Anonymous says:
    I pray for you!

    I read your post as well and my heart goes out to you. I know what pain you are going through. It is also the hardest thing I’ve experienced and continue to experience. The man whom I was supposed to marry has walked out on me as well with very little explanation. I believe for him it was fear for the future and I pray to God every day since he left that the good Lord takes his pain away, takes his fear away and fills his heart with the security of my unconditional love for him. I have also been through so much in my life and left behind/abandoned many times. I pray to God everyday, that he lets me have this second chance to love him and fulfill our life together so that we do not stray what was once so beatiful. Lord hear and answer our prayers and those who cry out to you with the same need and the same pain. Amen

  18. NLLO says:
    we will pray together

    As i read your prayer i can feel your pain as iam also going through the same thing. I met a man sometime ago and was totally in love with him but we broke up as i found that he was cheating on me.He had a another girlfriend.That really shattered me.Iam still praying and hoping that God will change him, direct his heart to and will bring us back together. I pray with you, that God will answer your need. i lift up this prayer in Jesus’name amen.

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