Prayer to Restore Peace and Love

by Jorge (Hanford, Ca, U.S.A.)

God in your name I pray, that whatever my girlfriend and me go thru, may your love and support help us give us courage to overcome these trials. Help us become a better person and a better example of your love.

May our love be fill with your love and joy God. You know that we have talked and talk about our future being in your hands and that we want to fulfill marriage and family thru you God. God help our families get along, as well our relationship.

God give us strength and faith to see the positive in these trials and these tests that we have in our lives. I pray for our relationship be a example for the rest of the relationships out there. I pray for our relationship to become solid and founded by your love God.

Please God I asked you from the bottom of my heart and bless everyone who reads this. I love you so much God.
Jesus Christ in your name I pray.

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