Prayer to restore our the love between us.

by Jessica (United States)

Dear Father,

Please help my dear lover(and best friend) Eoin to come out of this depression he is currently in. And help him regain his’ feelings for me and with all the passion he had before these hard times, restore his’ passion for me and our relationship, take it to higher levels of commitment and intensity so do so in me as well, help me realise the depth of Eoin’s feelings for me and the level of truth in his’ words and promises he made to me, keep him to those promises especially! Also for our sake.. add a generous amount of purity to our relationship and to our feelings for eachother so we can both tell that what we have between each other IS REAL! Also keep our current lines of communication open and if possible allow us many newer ones to use so we can build our relationship up even stronger than ever before!

P. S. Keep us both in a positive mental state, keep us both stable and healthy and happy in our lives and with each other, forever.

Thank you, Dear Father(Lord) I will try to rebuild my faith and loyalty to you as best I can especially if you help me along the way, keep me away from evil things, allow only good, pure and honest things into my and Eoin’s lives.

Thank you again, Amen.

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