Prayer to Restore our marriage and make us one in Christ

by Sheree (IL)

My prayer request is for my husband Patrick and I to be healed by God from our past and present hurts. That we be reunited and not only be reunited but that we be on one accord in Christ Jesus. That God helps us to forgive one another whole heartedly without a trace of bitterness, anger, resentment and UN forgiveness.

Pray that Patrick ‘s heart is no longer hardened against me and that his heart is tender towards God and tender towards me as his wife.
Pray that my husband Patrick be free of every lie and deception of the enemy and let him see that the adulterous relationships he is in is a trick of Satan to destroy us and our family. Pray that God gives my husband Patrick the stregnth to walk away from this woman and all the sin he is in and that he turns to Christ for help and invite Jesus into his life as his personal Lord and Saviour and that the spirit of pride is broken off of his life . Amen Thank
you for coming in agreement with me

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  1. Amen

    I pray in Jesus name that all the power of the enemy be broken and that Patrick be free to choose to serve you and to return to his loving wife. Help them to completely turn from all sin and to trust you for their salvation both personally and for their marriage. Give wisdom and insight to understand the way to live honouring you in the midst of this trial. Bring peace and your joy in the midst of trouble. Make your Word come alive in her heart daily bringing strength and the power of Faith to believe your promises. I also ask Father that you would bring the message of your love and salvation into Patrick’s life through unexpected avenues. Make it impossible to shut his ears to your call, break the curse and hold of sin in his life and free him to love and serve you. AMEN.

  2. I Believe

    I pray that the Holy Spirit touches Patrick’s heart and the other woman he is with; and that Patrick comes to his senses and returns to his first love that God gave him.

  3. Seek the will of God through scripture.

    Dear Sister,
    What you are experiencing is aweful and I am sorry that it has happened. I encourage you to turn to the very specific instructions of God reguarding abandonment. Such as ” if the unbeliever wants to leave let him leave”. Each human has free will .. From the beginning of time even Adam and Eve had free will which was evident in “they chose to eat ” the fruit of the tree of knowledge of Good and evil. So as you see we all have a choice. I encourage you to chose God and reject feeling of anger hate selfishness bitterness sadness judgment and accusation. Look deep in the scripture. And while Hosea did take homer back. God did say that infidelity broke mariage. Many times wives are the greater injuried party in a seperation. Feeling pain rejection hate abuse and unworthiness. Look deep at your past was/is Patrick was a Godly and nurturing man… If not then this seperation may just be the seperation of two unequally yoked people. If you or your children were abused in any way then this may be your exodus. You need to look at the details of your mariage and then ask The Lord for The Lord’s will not yours. Becuase if you are seeking your own will you might be making this mariage or Patrick and idol that leads to destruction, but the way of The Lord is blessed and leads to love and life. May The Lord bless you and bring you peace and a closer walk with God.

  4. Praying for salvation for Patrick, strength for you.

    Dear Lord
    I lift up Patrick to you and ask that he will hear the gospel of Christ even as he seeks to satisfy his flesh with sinful lust. You love him and died on the cross to save him, he is your child. I thank you that you promise that you will seek and save the lost souls of this world. We bind the enemy of our souls in Jesus name from preventing Patrick from having the ability to hear your word so he can be repentant. WE know you have given free will but father I pray for a softening of his heart and open ears to hear your truth, I pray he will come under Holy Spirit conviction. I pray he will not be able to outrun your love. You bring us out of darkness and shine the light of your love on our hearts. Give this sister in Christ your assurance that you love her and that you have not forgotten her in this trial. Bring her into a place of trust and reliance on you as she experiences the fulfillment of your promise to be her husband. Show her your will in this matter, lead her in your Word to the message of hope love and peace. Care for her send comforters and people to stand and pray with her for her husband and for her needs. In Jesus Name AMEN

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